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CompoST's are one hour composition contests, held on IRC, in which original songs are created from a given theme. The theme is always a scenario, location, or idea from a video game that a composer might have to write when working on a game being developed. They test your speed AND your skill, so bring your best tools and your best game, but don't worry – it's a friendly competition.
To participate, you simply need to show up at the scheduled time and participate, uploading your song when the hour is up. The server is and the channel is #soundtempest.

Voting may or may not take place, but it's all for fun. Usually they are held in the evenings, around 9-10PM Eastern Time, so show up a little earlier if you want to participate. One is being held tonight, June 16, 2005, at either 9 or 10 PM Eastern. 

P.S.: Even if you can't make music, we're always looking for people to vote on the entries. Come in, have a seat, hear some music.

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Ramaniscence is the remixing moniker of Doug Arley. Doug has been an active member in the OverClocked ReMix community since early 2002, and has made numerous contributions since. In May of 2005 he launched ThaSauce, video game remix news site.