Doujin spotlight: Arrange Stream

The Japanese remix site Arrange Stream recently resumed its normal operation with the triumphant words “job hunt ended.”

Babelfish warning, as usual.

Arrange Stream keeps track of video game arrangements and originals from dozens of websites, such as OCR and VGMix, and posts the newest songs as they are released. Even tracks from and
have been known to show up once in a while. It’s a great way to stay up
to date with the Japanese remix scene, as well as get acquainted with
lots of great doujin music you otherwise would never have known about.

Highly recommended!

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Ramaniscence is the remixing moniker of Doug Arley. Doug has been an active member in the OverClocked ReMix community since early 2002, and has made numerous contributions since. In May of 2005 he launched ThaSauce, video game remix news site.