The Jump Button – 08/04 @ 6PM EST

Call-In Topic 8/4

In radio, we’re always discussing “the best of”, or “the worst of”. To break the cycle, we’ll be doing a show that’s just okay.
Not wonderful. Also, we’ll be talking about our favorite mediocre
movies and games and comics and stuff. To suggest something average,
use the toll-free number listed above.
Start Time: 18:00
Ending Time: 21:00

Event Description:
The Jump Button 6-9pm EST
Music from Video Games, Cartoons, & Anime

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Requests / Comments
1-800-585-4322 Ext. 9676

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Ramaniscence is the remixing moniker of Doug Arley. Doug has been an active member in the OverClocked ReMix community since early 2002, and has made numerous contributions since. In May of 2005 he launched ThaSauce, video game remix news site.