Beatdrop – Everlast

Beatdrop’s new album is, plainly to say, awesome. But that word does no justice to Dain Olsen (Beatdrop). This album, dubbed Everlast,
is a mix of many, high energy sounds. Dain makes no hesitation to make
this album kick ass. A swirl of techno and electronic sounds, Everlast
is an excellent balance of all kinds of digital oddities and passages.
The album is definitely in Dain’s innermost, familiar style coupled
with some tracks of new and brilliant flair, from drum n bass to
chillout to techno Hi-NRG.
Everlast is a must-get. Just remember to Paypal donations to [email protected]. Dain has put a lot of effort and money to make this album!

TRACK LIST of Everlast

Disc 1

  1. Beatdrop – Intro
  2. Beatdrop – Everlast
  3. Beatdrop – Syntax
  4. Beatdrop – Volition
  5. Beatdrop – Hooke
  6. Beatdrop – Frigga
  7. Beatdrop – Theoretical
  8. Beatdrop – Supernovatomic
  9. Beatdrop – Glows Like Crimson
  10. Beatdrop – Our Little War
  11. Beatdrop – Time (feat. Chris Serani)
  12. Beatdrop – REM
  13. Beatdrop – Blowback
  14. Beatdrop – single voice
  15. Beatdrop – Your Love
  16. Beatdrop – Neutron
  17. Beatdrop – Lazy
  18. Beatdrop – Arena
  19. Beatdrop – Droppin’
Disc 2
  1. Beatdrop – Analog Meat Grinder (Been Sharpened Mix)
  2. Beatdrop – Your Love (Edit)
  3. Mazedude vs. Beatdrop – Ms. Defy (Pt. 8)
  4. Beatdrop – Certified Insane (Straight Jacket Mix)
  5. Beatdrop – [email protected]#$
  6. Beatdrop – The End (WildCard Mix)

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