Fruity Loops Music Competition 1

A couple weeks ago, the idea of a competition based entirely using FL Studio default samples arose. Now, the competition has started. While not intended to be a remix competition, per se, each competition will have a theme, and the theme for this is a remix from Zelda 2.
chthonic is running this first competition, and presents the following rules:

  • All sounds and effects used to create entries must be FL default, ie. the stuff that comes packed with Fruity Loops.
  • You may not use Fruity Soundfont Player. SORRY.
  • No instruments bought from the FL Store are allowed.
  • When an entry is complete, the musician should provide both the final rendered .mp3 and the .flp file that corresponds to it, if possible.
  • If an entrant only has the demo version of FL, he/she will not be required to provide the .flp.
  • All versions of FL are acceptable for use.
  • Entries must be in .mp3 format.
  • Entries must be over 1:45 in length.
  • Entries must correspond to the given theme.

After a poor response to the initial posting, the deadline has been extended to Wednesday, March 1, 2006.

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