M4GFest Video!

For all of you who didn’t get to take part in all the AWESOME at MAGFest this year, and for all of us who went and still can’t let go of all those memories we shared (awwww), this video was posted over on the MAGFest forums.

Hey guys. This is Chad_W, I was one of the driving forces behind the MAGfest 2.0 documentary (along with Juese and others from X-Strike Studios).

I’d like to announce that while a full-blown doc wasn’t possible this year, I still shot/borrowed enough to make a two minute run-down of this year’s insanely awesome fest – featuring the music from the super rocking Sprite Slowdown.


It includes such memoriable moments as Virt’s Panel, a few of mv’s many hugs (Shael included), & Devon’s Little Mac cosplay. It also has moments with both Rail and Koala (which I’m sure Shael could probably appreciate), and pictures of D-Lux, pixitricks, (dbl-awww) & Moguta.

Source: http://www.magfest.org

Duke Nukem Forever…IN PRODUCTION?!

From Slashdot

An anonymous reader writes “Like that fungus under your keyboard, Duke Nukem Forever never really seems to go away. Well in the latest installment in unsubstantiated DNF rumors it appears that the game is finally in production. Via Joystiq “everyone’s favorite vaporware is “in full production” according to George Broussard, co-founder of 3D Realms. In an interview with 1up, towards the end, Broussard chats about the status of Duke Nukem Forever, the unfortunately-apt title to the game over a decade in development.”

I’m in complete awe.