Kwakfest held 4/8/06

A Kwakfest was held on April 8th. I participated, along with 11 others. The .zip isn’t very large so here’s a link:

Kwakfests, or Kwaks for short, are MIDI OHCs [one hour compos] which means: a one hour competition where you must write anything in midi format. A theme is given, though it is only a suggestion. The songs are mostly humorous, and GM is usually hilarious no matter what you try to make with it. Kwakfests are always great fun and I encourage MIDI-capable ThaSauce readers to pay attention to the General Discussion forum on VGMix, where someone [usually tumult] announces a Kwakfest in advance, and join up whenever we have one.

In the future, I will make ThaSauce news whenever a CompoST, Kwakfest, or Shelob takes place. More info on CompoSTs and Shelobs when those happen 🙂


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