USA Network to show Pro-VG program

Major League Gaming and the television network USA
have inked a deal allowing USA to air 7 one hour episodes this fall,
featuring MLG’s professional circuit and its players, as well as
play-by-play commentary that one would normally associate with live
“This is the sign that pro
gaming has finally arrived to the mass market,” said Matthew Bromberg,
MLG’s president and chief operating officer. “It’s like poker was two
years ago, or NASCAR 15 years ago.”

This is the first time professional video gaming is getting a spotlight
on a medium which will be broadcast into the homes of millions, instead
of simply being available through the internet. While there have
been a few spotlights on games on various newscasts/children’s
networks, there wasn’t much of an acceptance for gaming as anything
more than sheer entertainment.

While I’m skeptical, especially as this seems to be a ploy to lure in
more corporate sponsership, this could be a good thing for
gaming. It may show the mass of American people that gaming is
more than just entertainment, that it is a viable career option in some
circles, as the X-Games did for pro-BMXing and skateboarding before.

source: FOXNews