new Game Over album

Game Over has released their newest heavy metal video game cover album titled NESperado. The tracks are as follows…

1. Flying high through the skull’s eye

(Mega Man 2 – Dr. Wily flies into cranium fortress)

2. Siege At Monsteropolis

(Mega Man 2 – Wily stage 1 + password music)

3. Hyrule’s Angel (The Sleeping Beauty)

(Zelda theme + dungeon music, lyrics based on Zelda 2)

4. Transylvanian Temptation
(Castlevania – level 1 & 3)

5. Addicted To Vengeance

(Streetfighter 2 – Ken stage)

6. For Those About To Climb

(Ice Climber – level theme + bonus theme)

Be sure to head over to Game Over‘s site for more details and lyrics for songs!

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