mIRC 6.2 released. omg. kickassery.

From the mIRC website, “Of course this new version addresses the buggies and most of the other comments and remarks we received after the previous release. Apart from that Khaled spend lots of time on the UTF-8 support that was added in the previous version. As you might know UTF-8 is a font encoding system that allows you to use fonts with strange, international characters. That of course helps a lot if you want to chat in your own language!”
See the shizzle at http://www.mirc.com/ awesome.

Shael Riley Live – September 21st at Fat Baby, NYC

112 Rivington St.

(Between Ludlow & Essex)


Thursday, September 21st at 9:00pm


$7 cover

Show details, which are primarily a reiteration of the above, are available on my MySpace.
Please come out! I’d love to meet you all, especially if “you all” is
comrpised largely of the hot girls who keep sending me semi-nude photos
of their neither regions with my name written on their nubilist parts.

X-strikers and their fans in attendence are welcome to attend a
quant, ass-rocking, drunk-getting time at my place the day after
(Friday, September 22nd), during which I already feel an accute and
convienent illness coming on, with regards to my attendence at the day

I can offer very limited crash space on a first-come first-serve
basis, unless Juese comes third or fourth, in which case I’ll kick you
out if you came before him, because I really like Juese. Seriously,
though, I can only put up one or two people so if you can work
something out with someone local or spring for hotel accomodations,
muchos gracias, mi amiga/o.


VGDJ Episode #51

From the VGDJ Website, “Remember when we said something about small shows balancing big ones? Well… oops. We might be between special episodes, but hey, we love you guys enough that we don’t mind givin’ ya a bigger one this week just for kicks (just remember to vote for us, as it’s a new month).
Listen in and find out the answers to such deep questions as: what does
a Solitaire ReMix sound like? What’s a periodontal cyst? Why do people
call us without leaving a name? And of course, is it possible to have four reports on a single show? Hurry! To the download button!


Vote!!! MagiNinjA did it; so should you!

VGDJ has finally released the epic #50!!!!

From the VGDJ website, “Can you believe it’s been FIFTY episodes of VGDJ?! Time flies when you’re having fun, I guess! The show has certainly gone through a lot of changes since episode #001, from the hosts, to the way it’s been edited, to the segments on each episode… even to the design of the site. But in the end, fifty episodes later, it’s still the same at heart. So, we’ve put together a very special show for you loyal listeners (and there are quite a few more of you now!) in celebration of this landmark. While it took a little longer to polish up, there was good reason… But you’ll have to listen to find out!!!
http://www.vgdj.net/Shownotes/2006/07/vgdj-shownotes-050.html <-- Shownotes” VOTE! MagiNinjA did, so you should too!

Anime Chipdisk Vol. 1 released

Finally, the day we’ve all been waiting for! CHIPDISK DAY! I decided to
release it a day earlier here though since Anime ReMix is awesome.
There’s also a humblefool.net/music/ thread since they’re cool too.
Coda, Tenemis and Nobuyuki helped me out immensely and I couldn’t have
done it without them.

Tell your friends!

This is a sizable collection of small, loopable chiptunes of
popular anime OP themes, complete with its own player so you don’t have
to download XMPlay or the winamp BASS plugin or anything. You can also
fit the entire thing uncompressed onto a single floppy disk and play it on any computer! I will copy my writeup from the NFO:

Welcome to the first collection of awesome

anime chips! Hopefully public interest

will push us to make another one.

Feel free to send me requests!

For this chipdisk I decided to cover OP

themes from the most popular anime,

though Tenemis wanted his

Azuki-chan ending to be used.

This is okay!

If another anime chipdisk is created, I

may focus on BGM or ending themes.

You may notice some of the songs are a lot

different than the original. Especially

those awful OverCoat tracks! Well, changes

happen when you compress something down to

4 channels. There are also some things I

just can’t track. At least the melody is

still intact.

Don’t forget to turn looping on 🙂

a lot of the songs take advantage

of song looping, and will flow

better if this is on.


Nintendo – The 8-bit Rap Mixtape

dexdigital releases another podcast — Nintendo 8-bit Rap Mixtape!

Here’s the tracklist.

  • Dabrye f/ J Dilla (RIP) and Phat Kat – Game Over
  • Oh No – The Ride, with a Ninja Gaiden I intro – (yessssssss)
  • Yo Gotti – North Memphis Freestyle (Pac-Man sample)
  • CX Kidtronik f/ Agallah (Purple City) – Whut T’Hell Wit Y’all
  • Cocoa Brovaz – Supa Brooklyn (SMB1 Sample)
  • and a bonus Erykah Badu remix. (listen until the end)

dexdigital is also recruiting people of the OC ReMix community to help with Mixtape Vol. 2! Sign up if you can do it!

Mixtape: http://mixtapeshow.net/0728/episode-43-nintendo-mixtape/
Thread @ OCR: http://www.ocremix.org/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=88417