East West Symphonic Choirs Groupbuy – up to 60% discount

Online sample distributor Sounds Online recently announced a groupbuy of their popular choirs libary. East West Symphonic Choirs, featuring 9DVDs full of samples, is one of the most richest choir samplepack available today (along with “Voices of the Apocalypse by Spectrasonics, avalable seperately of course).
Till 30th September, people have the chance to lower the price up to 60% if the there’re at least 500 users for the purchase.

With the usual MSRP of $995 you can save over $590, giving you the
oportiunity to get the samples for $398. Of course european
samplelovers also have the chance to participate and pay only 310Euro
for it, without spending a fortune on shipping.

Read more at the Sounds Online boards: http://www.soundsonline-forums.com/showthread.php?t=5274

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