East West Symphonic Choirs Groupbuy – up to 60% discount

Online sample distributor Sounds Online recently announced a groupbuy of their popular choirs libary. East West Symphonic Choirs, featuring 9DVDs full of samples, is one of the most richest choir samplepack available today (along with “Voices of the Apocalypse by Spectrasonics, avalable seperately of course).
Till 30th September, people have the chance to lower the price up to 60% if the there’re at least 500 users for the purchase.

With the usual MSRP of $995 you can save over $590, giving you the
oportiunity to get the samples for $398. Of course european
samplelovers also have the chance to participate and pay only 310Euro
for it, without spending a fortune on shipping.

Read more at the Sounds Online boards: http://www.soundsonline-forums.com/showthread.php?t=5274

Software Equivalents List Update and Video Podcast Feature

Just wanted to let you know that I recently updated the “Software Equivalents List” to Hardware Instruments on my webpage. I added tons of new equivalents, did some minor tweaks and enhanced the DSP solution section. Also new is that the list is now linked on the main page of my webpage for easier access. More as usual on www.studio-compyfox.de.
also like to point out that the “Software Equivalents List” was
featured in the just released Gearwire Crosstalk video podcast. You can
find the most recent episode here,
including previews of Microsofts new Portable Player, two new music
communities and an in-depth tests of 3 Gibson Les Paul guitars

Gearwire Crosstalk is a weekly podcast featuring hardware and software reviews of recent releases in the music industry including sequencers, instruments and effects. Check out the people over at www.gearwire.com

If you want to give some feedback, comments or even recommendations, please post over in the Software Equivalents list on KVRAudio.com: http://www.kvraudio.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=141197

VGDJ: Episode #056

This week on the show all about the music and community of OverClocked ReMix:

VGDJ on Saturday? Yep, this ain’t no joke – this is our new release
schedule. How’s that for a nice weekend surprise? Anyway, it’s a cookie
feeding frenzy on Episode 056 as the OCR community’s momentum
continues. We’ve got new reviews, reports, a very somber Russian ReMix
Roulette, and the Dwelling of Duels hookup, to name just a few! Not
only that, but you’ll also discover the secret ingredient
that powers every great ReMixer, the true origins of “zircon” and
“pixietricks”, and what will undoubtedly be the greatest pickup line
you will ever hear. Download, and be merry!
[00:00] One must truly appreciate what is undoubtedly the greatest marketing idea of our time.
Enter VGDJ, stage left. Wait, Saturday? Huh? If you’re reading this
you’ve surely noticed our schedule has changed in a way that should
better accomodate both you, our loyal listeners, as well as us.
[03:15] We don’t need proxy voting to stay high on the PodcastAlley charts! Show those forum meanies that we mean business and keep on giving us your legit votes.
[04:29] The Rama Re-oops,
maybe not this week. Buuuut we do have our own little announcement to
make. Listen in to the next episode of “The Next Level” on GameMusicRadio, cause we’re gonna be interviewed on there!
[06:36] ReMix Review: Final DoomMilagro Del Demonio‘ by TO
… Yay for Aussies! TO seems incapable of dropping a groove that ISN’T
catchy, and the Doom soundtracks are really suited for his style. Like
his Raptor mix,
it certainly wouldn’t have hurt to have an extra instrument or two in
there; but even considering that small quibble, this is still Hott
[09:36] ReMix Review: Star Ocean: The Second StoryInto Your Kamikaze‘ by blizihizake
/ Blake Perdue … Like Darkesword, chthonic, and Tyler Heath,
blizihizake is one of the few mixers left using exclusively free
samples. Yet even with that handicap, he managed to create an
incredibly intricate orchestral mix with great dynamics and a great
arrangement. He said his goal was to prove that he could write an
orchestral ReMix that wasn’t “boring”. Suffice it to say, we think he
[12:49] The Compo Report: PRC, TOMC, and FLMC.
m/ m/ – That’s right. Those are “the horns”, poorly represented to
the best of zircon’s ability, in ASCII. And you’re gonna need ’em if
you plan on listening to or participating in Dwelling of Duels.
DoD is a monthly ReMix competition that many OCReMixers participate in,
and it’s based around live instruments. If you’re just not getting your
daily recommended dosage of ROCK from OCR, than you gotta check DoD
out. Don’t take our word for it though…
[15:41] Goemon’s Great Adventure ‘Devil’s Heaven‘ by SnappleMan (DoD June winning entry)
[17:37] Nooooo, GrayLightning!
;_; Our beloved judge, moderator, and new age/orchestral ReMixer has
said goodbye to OCR and moved on to a professional, full time career in
music. And while no one can fill the gap that he left, it is of some
comfort that zyko
has sorted out things in his personal life and has made return to OCR
and the judge’s panel. We hope that will also translate to new ReMixes,
now that he has some free time. With these changes, what can we expect
to see next? Perhaps Wingless making a triumphant return? … well,
maybe not…
[19:59] The Meetup Report: OCR Toronto, tentative Pittsburgh, PA meetup, tentative Australia QLD meetup, Video Games Live in LA meetup, an additional planned Seattle meet, and Shael Riley NYC concert.
[23:37] Russian ReMix Roulette:
WEEK ONE of the Campaign to Keep the RRR Alive (or CKRRRA for short)
has begun. We will not idly sit by and watch our Roulette be
heartlessly dismantled piece by piece. djp, you monster! A fitting mix
was selected to represent our noble cause – Final Fantasy 7Fight On‘ by CarboHydroM.
Nothin’ like a glass of water to sip while your hosts discuss the
merits of eating VGDJ Brand ReMixing Fuel, their ReMixer handles, Hot
Pockets, zircon’s incredibly smooth and obviously effective pickup
line, which is so powerful that it cannot be written down in any form,
and more. Good times.
Will pixietricks be swayed by the irresistable charm of Kuroikaze’s
pickup line? Will Rama ever consistently submit a report? Why did we
say Cyan_Ide’s recording was good when it was actually worse than
usual? Find out, on the next episode of DRAGONBALL Z! Err, VGDJ. And to
pass the time while you’re waiting, visit our OCR thread, Cafepress store, and photo album. Oh, and voting for us at podcastalley.com to keep us in the top 10 of ALL podcasts wouldn’t hurt either.
[41:02] VOICEMAIL: Kento, Fragment, Salty, DJAnubis, Fragment again, and Peter.
[44:40] [stinger]

– “Castle” from the Disgaea OST
– Donkey Kong Country ‘Arboreal Ascent’ by smh
– “The Tragic Prince” from the Castlevania: Symphony of the Night OST
– “Mystic Eyes (TV Edit)” by from The Vision of Escaflowne- Lovers Only soundtrack
– Raptor ‘PlectraSubCity’ by The Orichalcon
– “Love & Peace & Katamari Damacy” from the Me and My Katamari OST
– “One Tip March” from the Me and My Katamari OST
– “Do Re Mi Katamari Do” from the Me and My Katamari OST
– Tetris ‘McVaffe Quasi UltiMix’ by McVaffe
– ToeJam & Earl ‘James Brown in Space’ by djpretzel
– Final Fantasy 7 ‘Shadows Among the Ruins’ by zircon
– Sonic 2 ‘Strip Mine’ by Beatdrop
– Xenogears ‘Skyline’ by Ziwtra

VGMix 3.0 – ETA January 8, 2007


“The better part of a year has passed with
no updates from us, just a lot of cheerleading. We’ve never attempted
ANYTHING of this magnitude before. We have been silent about our ETA to
avoid any disappointment or loss of credibility if we blew the target
date. More like Duke VGMix Forever, right? This whole thing is
incredibly difficult for a team of guys with full-time jobs and, for a
few of us (not me), even social lives!

“Excuses aside, it’s INSANE that it’s taken this long,
and I apologize. I had hoped to relaunch mid-year at the latest, but it
just didn’t happen – we have changed our approach a few times, written
hundreds of pages of documentation, even switched programming languages
and adopted a web framework so we wouldn’t have to reinvent the wheel
with databases and templating.

“Our feature list has not
changed, and our goals of security, speed, and expandability are
finally being addressed. With our truly amazing programmers, I’m proud
to say that we’re actually getting stuff done.

“So, here it is. Our ETA. January 8, 2007.

“Seems like forever, but it’s only a few months. It’s the day after we return from Magfest.
An ETA is of course an ESTIMATE, and with work and life how it is,
anything could come up. But we deeply, truly believe in this site, and
we’re not going to give up – no matter how long it takes. For the first
time in my life I’m able to afford the server comfortably, so no
donations are needed right now.

“We need sufficient time to work
out the bugs in beta, which will be conducted with a small number of
regulars – We need people we know personally who can thoroughly
describe how stuff breaks, and who know the site backwards and forwards.

more unfortunate reason we withheld an ETA is the jerk factor. There
are folks out there – the same who brought down 2.0 – who like to
sabotage things just because they can, and then laugh about it.
Launching unexpectedly would help rule out any planned disruptions. But
honestly, if people want to break our stuff, they’ll probably break it.
We’ll just do the best we can. With our new web host and vastly
improved security, we can lock things down a lot better now, if it
should come to that.

“So hang in there. We’re coming back very, very soon!”

Where did you learn about ThaSauce?; New comments system

We want to know how you found out about us. Normally, we’d just do a standard poll, but we want to hear details, and we also know we’ve attracted a number of people from sites outside the community that wouldn’t fit on a standard poll list.
This is also an opportunity to give some feedback on the site, including the redesign of the navigation, some of our newer content, and the quality of news in general. We’re currently in the process of upgrading the comments system, and this will probably be the last major story to use the old system. The new system will be forums-based, meaning you can reply to comments using standard phpBB notation and be able to see most of the discussion at once (unlike the old system, which only allowed you to see a small part of the discussion at once). Old stories will still continue to use the old system, and new stories will generate a thread in a special forum, where any registered member can reply. You will still be able to view a summary of the comments on the story page, however.

So, we’re asking you to tell us about how you came here. We know a lot of you will reply with things like OCR and VGMix, but we’re looking for those answers as well, in order to get an accurate sampling of the community we have here, and to assist in the “continuous improvement” campaign we’ve taken on as of late.

BT (and more) to perform at Videos Games Live


Featuring Live Orchestral Excerpts of the New Halo® 3 Score

Special Musical Guests to Include BT, Steve Vai, Dweezil Zappa, Video Game Pianist Martin Leung, Game Composers, and More

the heels of sold-out shows around the world, renowned video game
composers Tommy Tallarico and Jack Wall are bringing their immersive
concert celebrating video games back to the world-famous Hollywood Bowl
for the second time on September 21, 2006.
The new Video Games Live™ concert features music from the most popular
video games performed by top orchestras and choirs, combining exclusive
video footage and music arrangements, synchronized lighting, solo
performers, electronic percussionists, and groundbreaking interactive
segments to create an explosive one-of-a-kind entertainment experience.

Help me win $750

So, several weeks ago, I was told about a remixing competition for CBC. Interested, I remixed the song and sent it in.

And to my amazement, I am one of the ten finalist 🙂

So now, there is an online poll of who you think has the best remix. I want you to vote for me anyways =D

You can vote once every 12 hours for a week, and to listen to the songs
you need realplayer. Some of the other songs are pretty cool.

Thank you.


Phoenix Wright leaves courtroom, enters orchestra

Fans of Phoenix Wright are in for a treat this fall when Capcom releases two CDs of music rearranged in orchestral form from the game series.
The arrangements of the songs are being done by Noriyuki Iwadare, of Grandia, Radiata Stories, and Gyakuten Saiban 3 fame (among others).

The first CD will go on sale September 30 exclusively at Tanomi.com, while the second will be available for purchase at the Capcom merchandise booth at this month’s Tokyo Game Show. It will then be released to the general Japanese public in November.

No stateside release is expected, so the only way to get these domestically will be via import.

The two albums will feature songs from the first three Gyakuten Saiban games.

OLRina of Time released to the public

Today, OverLooked ReMix has released its latest site project OLRina of Time, holding 25 remixes covering various original music from the Nintendo 64 title Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

Xenon Odyssey, the project’s savior/head coordinator, expressed his personal thanks at OverClocked Remix earlier today.

“After a year and a month, it’s finally done.

I’d like to give a big fuck-you to Sinewav and Monday, as the former started the project and then abandoned it, and the latter promised me a song and never came through. You guys suck.
A big thank-you goes to shpladoink & Kupi for finally getting the final song done and winning the contest I had in place.”

News and Updates

First of all, I would like to offer our condolences to the Irwin
family. We can only hope that the legacy of Steve Irwin will live
on with the various animals he has tried to save from extinction.

Secondly, it was brought to my attention recently that djpretzel has
changed the layout of OverClocked ReMix once again, settling in on a
sleek tab design which was created to make the website a little easier
to navigate.

Lastly, the Dwelling of Duels has announced winners and the next
competition. Congratulations to Master Hatchet, goat, and


This month’s Dwelling of Duels is the music of Silent Hill.
Arrange and play music from any of the 4 SH games and enter!
Concurrently, the third annual Tornado of Solos is happening this
month, featuring the Follin Brothers’ Silver Surfer, Track 01.
For the uninitiated, the Tornado of Solos is a shred competition in
which extremely technically advanced players show off their virtuosity
and arrangement capabilities with the same song as everyone else.

Thanks go to virt for supporting the DoD.



thanks MN 🙂