Original Music Competition 7: Pop Songs. Results!

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had a great time listening to this month. Thanks everyone, especially
XMark for killing the competition. Kadmium, House, Dennis, Shawn, you
all were really great too. this was a really close voting month.” – creep

1. XMark – Piece of Heaven (38 votes)
2. Kadmium – Empty (32 votes)
3. housethegrate – Uber Dyke (29 votes)

4. Dennis – Reality TV (26 votes)
5. Temp Sound Solutions – Character (20 votes)
6. Paragon – Interfere (10 votes)
7. Amaranthine – No Escape (9 votes)
8. Naz – Sleepy Evenings (7 votes)
9. Koelsch1 – Kung Funk (6 votes)
9. Wizards and Warriors – Tha Untitled Motha Fuckin Hip Hop Track, Yo (6 votes)

Alternate Entry:

Koelsch1 – Circlecision

Taken from http://www.vgmix.com/vg25/viewtopic.php?id=3742

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