Game Releases – December 3-9, 2006

With Black Friday out of the way, game releases are a bit dry this week, but there’s still a few games that might catch someone’s eye.

Star Trek: Legacy

One game that caught my eye was Star Trek: Legacy. A PC ($39.99) and XBOX 360 ($59.99) release (which was originally due to come out November 7, and then November 21), finally hits shelves on Tuesday, the 5th. This strategy game by the makers of Oblivion features ships from all five live-action TV series, with a massive single-player campaign as well as several multiplayer modes.

Source: GameSpot

Star Wars: Lethal Alliance

There’s some “Star” action for portables this week as well. An action-packed game taking place between the two trilogies, you take on the role of a blaster-wielding mercenary who “acts more like Han Solo than Luke Skywalker”. It comes out this Tuesday for the PSP and next Tuesday (December 12th) for the DS.

Source: GameSpot

Also check out this complete list (once again from GameSpot).

That’s all for this week, but stay tuned because next week is packed with big releases.

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