PS3: Get ready to rumble?

A year ago, it seemed that DualShock, the vibrating technology in Sony’s console controllers, wouldn’t be seen again. That may not be the case anymore.

In an announcement today, Sony and Immersion Corp. (which holds the patents to the type of rumble technology used in the PS2’s and XBOX’s controllers) have wrapped up their patent infringement case and have entered into a deal for Sony to licence the technology.

This is potentially good news for Sony, as recent developments make the PS3 less desirable in the long run. While there is no set timetable for introducing rumble to the PS3, it is coming, and could be a much-needed boost to the last-place console. (In January, the top-selling consoles were, in order, the Wii, PS2, XBOX360, and PS3.)

Additional source: DailyTech.

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