Shael Riley Releases New Album

His first release since “Toybox”, Shael has release a free to download album entitled “Bremelanotide”, by the band The Grammar Club. Also, there has been talk, for reference check the web site – The Grammar Club, about creating a secure download for an FLAC lossless version of the album with an eighth, bonus track, and instrumentals.

A quote from the site:

“So, we really want to start offering a secure download of a lossless
FLAC version of Bremelanotide, complete with an eighth, bonus track,
and instrumentals, in exchange for a $5 donation to Child’s Play. We
aren’t sure how, though, to make that work logistically, with regards
to setting up a page that would allow only users who’ve donated to

Shael posted a thread on the OCR forums, please check it out, and congratulate him!

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