Sprite Slowdown v2 (EP of VG Covers)

bucky o’hare posted on OCReMix:


I played drums on this short vgm tribute, and it was recorded a little
over a year ago. With the band having broken up since, and this ep
never having a ‘proper’ release, I decided to put it up for download.
It was very much rushed for release at magfest 5 (and never performed
prior to recording), but having just listened to it again more recently
I appreciate it more than when I first heard it. A bit rough around the
edges, but not as bad as I recalled!

Some of the track selection may be a bit on the esoteric side, hope you enjoy.

Track Listing –
1. Final Fantasy 6 (SNES)
2. Fire ‘n Ice (NES)
3. Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure (Atari Lynx)
4. Kenseiden (SMS)
5. Abadox (NES)

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