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20kbps rec.

14. Mar 08
the_hardliner_-_wasted_love_–_studies_in_melody_harmony_ texture_and_a ffect-(20k270)-2008.
the hardliner is back from his gabber expedition, dropping the most
beautiful compositions for at least some hundred years. it’s a full
album with twelve tracks, of which most are encoded at even less than
20kbps. priceless, timeless.

[CAM0101] Nigel Samways – Mestre fullstop

date march.11.08

first release of 2008 comes from UK’s Nigel Samways. Mestre fullstop is
20 minutes of marvelously intricate movements; deep, murmuring field
recordings, dischordant crackles and faint mechanical remnances lay
naturally underneath bright, gazing wails and pads that trickle gently
down on us, inviting us to venture into Nigel Samways’ mysterious and
blurry tones, memories and images. After such a winter, this is the
perfect soundtrack to the slow and creeping growth and reanimation of
the fauna.

Total time : 19:33

Download the release in .zip format

Music by Nigel Samways

Cover art by 143

artwork included in zipfile


04 – Sama yo eru tamashii | 03:06

07.03/2008 release #240: pictures in sound by abyssal plains
26.02/2008 release #239: gizikomori and other fluffy animals by nova viator


16/03/08 Delayscape
“VCOs or DCOs EP”
24/02/08 Jet Jaguar
“Biddy Bids”

082 – kj lamb – may I?


– style: Trance
– prog : Reason 3
– date : 15 mar 2008

081 – Psyjuntan – The Great Gig In The Psyche


– style: Ambient
– prog : Cubase/Reason
– date : 8 mar 2008

080 – theGarbs – Subtraction Station Six


– style: Electronica / Trance
– prog : Fruity 7
– date : 1 mar 2008

079 – Platonist – White-Stained Gong


– style : PsyElectronic/Lofi Stuff
– prog : Impulse Tracker 2.14
– date : 23 feb 2008

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