Mutherpluckin’ B: 8-Bit Democracy

It took a while, though maybe not quite as long as it did for Axl Rose — my long overdue follow up to Nintendosploitation. Now it’s finally here!

This is the “Socialist Edition”, i.e. the free download version. If you want to preorder the $7 Capitalist Edition and receive the full version on CDR with two more songs and full color multi-page artwork, please contact me by mail. A proper order form will show up soon, along with flac files and more jpegs.

Note: As with Nintendosploitation, most tracks flow seamlessly into the next one, which explains a couple of abrupt intros and outros if heard separately.

Download entire album in ogg format + front cover (59 MB)
Download entire album in mp3 format + front cover: (81 MB)

1. Please Select Freedom (Super Mario Bros 2) ogg · mp3 
2. Deflektions of My Life (Deflektor) ogg · mp3 
3. Sky Diver, Inside Her (Mega Man 4) ogg · mp3 
4. Razzle Rides to Town (Battletoads / Gunsmoke) ogg · mp3 
5. Napalm on the Dancefloor (Mega Man 5 / Castlevania) 
6. All My Bubbles Burst (Mega Man 2) ogg · mp3 
7. Turtle Funk (Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles) ogg · mp3 
8. Unsanxioned Soloing (Sanxion) ogg · mp3 
9. Investigating Outer Heaven (Metal Gear / Super Mario Bros) ogg · mp3 
10. Air Guitar (Mega Man 2 & 3) ogg · mp3 
11. Don’t Feed the Warhawk (Warhawk) ogg · mp3 
12. Lead Jewelry (Mega Man 9) ogg · mp3 
13. Achilles, Mega Man and the Silver Surfer (Having a Rave Up with Dr Wily)
(Mega Man 1-3 / Silver Surfer) ogg · mp3 
14. Godzilla’s Head Soup (Godzilla) 


Source: Lie Mf B’s Homepage

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