Nerdapalooza Lifetime WHAT?


hex just updated the Nerdapalooza blog, lots of cool stuff in there but WHAT A NERDAPALOOZA LIFETIME PASS? For just $350?!


  • Lifetime pass to any and every Nerdapalooza sponsored show
  • VIP Access to any Nerdapalooza show you attend (where applicable)
  • Nerdapalooza Final Boss Club T-Shirt
  • Digital copies of any and every release that Nerdapalooza makes, musical, DVD, or otherwise
  • Special exclusive goodie at every Nerdapalooza Annual Festival
  • That’s BARELY more than a single entry to MAGFest with the super supported badge and (sorry Brendan) WAY better in my opinion! Holy crap. Only 50 are availible, and if I had a job I’d be CRAZY to not buy one. Anyway check out the full article for other nerdy stuffs.

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