AnotherSoundscape Interview!

That anso is just SO hot right now.


An interview I did with�Jeriaska�for�JUST WENT LIVE!

I talk a bit about my work with Morsel, some of my upcoming work, indie game’s music, my work on OCR, IWADON and how I go about making music. Be sure to give it a read and leave a comment, it’s interesting stuff if you’re the least bit interested in what I do!

I’ll also take this opportunity to tell you about�n.anosou, my new side-project. It’s basically a tiny little netlabel that will be mainly for me and friends/colleagues to release original music you can’t find elsewhere. The thought is releasing miniature albums with 5-7 original tracks every now and then. Keep a look out in the coming weeks for snippets from the first release and DEFINITELY look forward to the first release itself!

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