A New Challenger Appears! SEGA Pico

SEGA has called out OCReMix on their lack of SEGA Pico remixes. Which mixer will be brave enough to carry the SEGA Pico torch into remixitude?

by Ramaniscence

In a recent twitter conversation, it appears SEGA has noticed that there are no remixes of any SEGA Pico games on OverClocked ReMix. Once again, Liontamer set out to rally the troops, and once again the troops fell into line.

We’ve seen a challenge like this in the past, and we got few good mixes out of that. So what will we see this time?

Will it be zircon remixing A Year at Pooh Corner? Will it be Willrock remixing Sailor Moon Sailor Stars?

ONLY TIME WILL TELL, but whatever it is, we’re all win.

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