Mega Ran Releases New Video “One Winged Angel”

Critically acclaimed rapper and producer Random, also known as Mega Ran, has released a music video for his single, “One Winged Angel”.

by metalcrush

Surfacing as an update on his Twitter page, Random, also known as Mega Ran,  has just released a video for his single “One Winged Angel”. As a featured performer at the upcoming nerd festival Nerdapalooza in Orlando, Florida, Mega Ran has received significant attention as a distinguished rapper and producer. Incorporating masterfully executed lyrics that blends beautifully with visceral beats produced by Storyville, “One Winged Angel” is a powerful retelling of Sephiroth’s origin story and his following subsequent rage that threatens to destroy the world. Part of Mega Ran’s highly acclaimed Black Materia: Final Fantasy VII, “One Winged Angel” shows that Mega Ran can still appeal to a broader audience outside of the video game community through his own visceral rhymes that literally knock you off your seat.

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  • I like how one of the tags is “awesome”.

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