EARTHBOUND PAPAS Present “Metal Hypnotized” Remix/Arrange Contest


EARTHBOUND PAPAS have recently introduced an official contest to remix or arrange “Metal Hypnotized” to promote their hit album, Octave Theory. According to contest rules, there are no limitations to how you can actually remix or arrange this song, as instrumentals and lyrics may be played or replaced with other members. Participants may also choose to include friends or collaborate with others. EARTHBOUND PAPAS will also listen to each submitted track to choose the winner on February 14th, 2012,  who will then appear as a guest performer on the next EBP album. The contest will end on January 31st, 2012.

For those interested, EARTHBOUND PAPAS’ sound data may be downloaded here, but remember that the use of these files outside of the remix/arrange contest or in public and secondary media is strictly prohibited. You must post your remix/arrangement as a video response on YouTube, but no movies or pictures are required on the video. We have also included the video that you need to ‘respond’ to join the contest above. Good luck!


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