And the Winner Is… Remix64’s Remixer of the Year 2011 Awarded

Remix64’s Remixer of the Year Awards 2011 was hosted today on SceneSat Radio and the results are in! We would like to congratulate those who made it on the lists this year and the winners of each award. Voting for Remixer of the Year 2012 has also commenced for next year.

by metalcrush

Remix64‘s Remixer of the Year Awards 2011 was hosted today on SceneSat Radio with the first part of the show starting off with an extensive recap of 2011, showcasing top tracks of each month and scene happenings. With the second half featuring the actual award show, the results have been quite thrilling:

The first award Best Newcomer 2011 was awarded to SID legend Peter Clarke by Mordi, who had won the award in 2008.

Hazel won Best Veteran 2011, which was personally handed over by Makke, who was 2006s best veteran.

Daxx and Gibs won Best Amiga Remix for their collaboration on Lotus 3.

The price for Best c64 Remix was awarded to Warhawk (Halcón de la guerra mix) by scene veteran N-JOY. The award was presented by Andreas Wallström of It should be noted that Kate Z. would have actually won this category with her Tusker remix, if the votes for both versions (vocal / non vocal) had been combined.

Two Lifetime Achievement awards were awarded to Jan Lund Thomsen and Slaygon for their relentless service to the scene.

The prime price, Remixer Of The Year, was won by Rune-Bertil’s and presented by none other than o2, who was Remix64’s very first Remixer Of The Year, ten years ago in 2001.

The guestlist at Ziphoid’s once more crowded apartment was: Floaf, Mordi, Ceci, Andreas Wallström, o2, Arvid, Malmen, fnordpojk, Makke, Dafunk, Tron, a0d, BST, Gulrak, Herbaculum, Hazel, Uncle Tom, Sir Garbagetruck and Ziphoid.

We would like to congratulate those who made it on the lists this year and the winners of each award. Without such a great community, we would like to think that the VGM scene would surely falter from lack of support. Keep up the good work! If you missed the actual event, you can use SceneSat’s reLive feature to catch the show in its entirety. Remixer of the Year 2012 has also commenced, so don’t forget to vote. Here’s to hoping that next year’s show will be even more astounding!

Hailing from sunny California, Adrienne Macalinao is an avid gaming and comics enthusiast. Learning to play video games before she could even walk, she has closely observed the video game music arrangement community since 2001. It's also worth mentioning that she is probably a cylon. If you have any tips or VGM news suggestions, shoot an e-mail to [email protected].


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