Humbled to Dust Tour 2012 Commences East Coast Takeover

Canadian “rap legend” Jesse Dangerously, ThoughtCriminals vocalist Mikal kHill, and all-around raptacular talent Shane Hall have taken over the East Coast with The Humbled to Dust Tour. Combining a witty amalgamation of their album titles, this ten day tour spree started yesterday in Columbia, South Carolina and features a variety of key players within the nerdcore community such as MC Wreckshin, Rainbowdragoneyes, ThoughtCriminals, Schaffer the Darklord, People With Teeth, and more. If this line-up intrigues you, we’ve included a list of dates and locations for The Humbled to Dust Tour below.

[EXPAND Click here for Humbled to Dust Tour dates & locations]

Feb 3 – Columbia, SC @ Conundrum 8pm door/ 9pm show / $6 over 21 / $8 under 21 (Mikal kHill, Tribe One, cecilnick, Shane Hall & MC Stealth)

Feb 4 – Orlando, FL @ Back Booth 7pm door / 8pm show /$7 ALL AGES (Jesse Dangerously, MC Wreckshin, Rainbowdragoneyes, Mikal kHill, Shane Hall)

Feb 6 – Charlotte NC @ The Milestone 8pm door / 9pm show /$? over 21 / $?-2 under 21 (ThoughtCriminals, Jesse D, Shane Hall & MC Stealth)

Feb 8 – Baltimore, MD @ Bohemian Coffeehouse 7pm / 8pm show / FREE $0.00!!! ALL AGES (Collectible Humans, Jesse D & Shane Hall)

Feb 9 – Philadelphia, PA @ Little Bar (Voss, Sketch Lightly, Mikey Mo, Jesse D & Shane Hall)

Feb 10 – Brooklyn, NY @ moon-ii [319 Rutledge St, Brooklyn] (Schaffer the Darklord, People With Teeth, Jesse D, Mikal kHill, Shane Hall, remind) Hosted by Shane with DJ Halo on the tables ALL NIIIIGHT LOOONG

Feb 11 – Worcester, MA @ 97 D Webster St. / $5-$10 suggested donation / ALL AGES (Jesse D, Mikal kHill, Shane Hall, Jon Von Wonderful, The Grand Arkanum, HW) with an opening set by DJ Snaxx[/EXPAND]

The Humbled to Dust Tour will conclude with a last stop in Massachusetts on February 12th, 2o12. You can also get more information about the tour with their Facebook page for day-to-day updates.

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