Taylor Brown

Taylor Brown, alias Mirby, has been playing games for as long as she can remember. As such, she's also been listening to the music contained within said games, and enjoying it for just as long. She's interviewed quite a few remixers, including Level 99, Sixto Sounds, zircon, and even djpretzel! Now that she's at ThaSauce, she's gonna keep the interviews and scoops coming! Stay tuned!

Stories by Mirby

OverCoat For One Night Only in Neo-Seattle

OverCoat For One Night Only in Neo-Seattle

OverCoat, aka Scott Porter, is a busy man. Not only is he the host of two radio shows over on Arecibo Radio (Touhou Tuesday and his own Radio Overcoat), but he also makes music! The third entry in his self-titled series of EPs dropped on August 14, titled OverCoat 3: One Night in Neo-Seattle. Encompassing five […]

Shnabubula Releases NES Jams, Brains Melt

A lot of people around the community know the name of Shnabubula. His virtuosic piano skills coupled with his talent for chiptunes have been explored in the past, as in his Free Play and Game Genie albums, respectively. Now the two come together in what has been called, “face melting in its finest form,” by Metroid Metal, and other compliments that are probably too vulgar and/or obscene to mention here. Suffice it to say, NES Jams is probably the best album Shnabubula has released so far, and it’ll probably only get better from here.

ReMixer Spotlight: Rexy

Our resident reviewer Mirby gets down in the gritty with the wonderful Rexy in this week’s ReMixer Spotlight. Read on to find out about Rexy’s exciting experiences as a remixer, including her own personal influences and favorite composers!