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halc Continues to Defy the Chiptune Genre

Even though he is known to reign within OverClocked ReMix’s judges panel, halc is definitely on a roll. Following his January release of the wonderfully ambient album Zer0-G that could single-handedly define the chiptune genre even further, halc has bestowed upon us yet another EP chock-full of electro-house goodness.

EARTHBOUND PAPAS “Metal Hypnotized” Contest Winners Published

You might remember the EARTHBOUND PAPAS contest we mentioned a few weeks back that invited EBP fans to remix or arrange their hit single “Metal Hypnotized”. As excited as we were to see the winning submissions of the contest, we were elated to find out that one of ThaSauce’s very own featured artists has been chosen to be a guest performer on the next EBP album!

ReMixer Spotlight: djpretzel

To kick off the brand new biweekly ReMixer Spotlight feature on ThaSauce, Mirby takes a look back at one of her most surprising interviews. Read on to find out about the genesis of OverClocked ReMix and just how founder David W. Lloyd, aka djpretzel, got into remixing and creating a cornerstone of the remixing community!

Indie Game Music Bundle 2 Out Now

Has the economy got you down? Game Music Bundle 2 has you covered. With music from indie hits such as Aquaria, Machinarium, Sword and Sworcery, Jamestown, and To The Moon, who says you can’t enjoy one of the finer things in life in a convenient “Pay What You Want” format?

Distant Worlds: Music from Final Fantasy Tour Hits North America

Get ready for the ultimate fanboy experience with the official Distant Worlds: Music from Final Fantasy tour, which features classic Final Fantasy selections with state of the art HD video presentations filled with exclusive images direct from Square Enix. If you happen to be a Video Game Orchestra fan, there’s a special treat for those who live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: The VGO creator and director Shota Nakama will be performing with his guitar at the Distant Worlds concert on February 25, 2012 at 8PM.

Humbled to Dust Tour 2012 Commences East Coast Takeover

Canadian “rap legend” Jesse Dangerously, ThoughtCriminals vocalist Mikal kHill, and all-around talent Shane Hall have taken over the East Coast with The Humbled to Dust Tour. This ten day spree features a variety of key players within the nerdcore community such as MC Wreckshin, Rainbowdragoneyes, ThoughtCriminals, Schaffer the Darklord, People With Teeth, and more.