Random and K-Murdock Announce Bits and Rhymes Tour

Random AKA MegaRan and K-Murdock have announced they will be performing a Southwest to Southeast tour called Bits and Rhymes starting November 12, 2010.  Earlier this year, the duo released Forever Famicom, a full length CD tribute to classic gaming with covers of songs from games such as Mega Man, Chrono Trigger, Star Fox and more.  You can Forever Famicom on CD or listen to previews of the songs here.  Both Random and K-Murdock have released solo albums since the release of this CD, Random with Heroes, Volume 1, and K-Murdock with DECADEnce, Volume 1.

Tour Dates:

Nov 11, 2010 @ Headhunters, 720 Red River St, Austin, TX, w/Crew 54 and more, FREE 21+

Nov 12+13, 2010 Yule Con @ American Airlines Training Center, Ft Worth, TX w/Brentalfloss and more! $15-25

Nov 14, 2010 @The Highball, 1120 S Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX $7 21+

Nov 16, 2010 8PM @ Super Happy Fun Land 3801 Polk St Houston, TX $7 all ages w/MC Router and more

Nov 17, 2010 2PM @ Bedrock City Comics 4602 Washington Ave, Houston, TX all ages (performance & signing)

Nov 18, 2010 9PM @ Smoke And Barrel Tavern 324 W Dickson St, Fayetteville, AR w/The One Ups FREE 21+

Nov 19, 2010 8PM @ 331 Nightlife Cafe, 331 W Forsyth St Jacksonville, FL $5 21+

Nov 20 @ A Comic Shop 114 South Semoran Blvd.Winter Park, FL w/Krondor Krew and more $10 all ages

Nov 21, 2010 @ Transit Lounge, 729 S.W. 1st Ave, Miami, FL w/ArtOfficial $5 21+

GameInformer.com Interviews Powerglove

From GameInformer.com:

If the only thing that comes to your mind when someone says the word “Powerglove” is a failed Nintendo peripheral, it’s time to start thinking differently. Powerglove is also a metal band that chugs out blisteringly brutal renditions of your favorite video game tunes. From Sonic to Final Fantasy IV, from 8-bit to MIDI, no catchy gaming song is left un-metalized.

During the middle of the band’s current two-month tour, I had the pleasure of meeting them for a nice chat over some cheeseburgers. I spoke with Chris Marchiel (guitar), Nick Avila (bass), and Bassil Silver (drums) about their favorite games, the band’s history, fan’s most requested songs, and why they think metal and video game music blend together so well. (Unfortunately, Powerglove’s additional guitarist, Alex Berkson, was unable to make it.)

Head over to GameInformer.com for the full story!

Game Music Remixer Hyadain Reveals Himself as Pro Composer

From Destructoid:

Japanese game music remixer and YouTube denizen Hyadain has revealed his true identity: professional composer Kenichi Maeyamada.

Hyadain, whose work originally debuted in 2008, has been known for creative remixes of famous game music, adding clever, generally humorous vocals and jokes about the game. Earlier this week he revealedhis identity to the world, showcasing some of his professional work including the 11th opening to the long-running anime One Piece.

Despite his primarily silly repertoire, the revelation that Hyadain is a pro is little surprise to those who have followed his work. Some of his songs, such as his�remix�of the main�Final Fantasy�theme, showcased rather complex vocal work that your average fan isn’t going to be capable of performing.

While Maeyamada is primarily a composer, it’s nice to see the man behind the music can stand on his own voice. You can check out his full discography on his�site.

AnotherSoundscape IndieGames.com Interview!

That anso is just SO hot right now.

From ansosou.com:

An interview I did with�Jeriaska�for IndieGames.com�JUST WENT LIVE!

I talk a bit about my work with Morsel, some of my upcoming work, indie game’s music, my work on OCR, IWADON and how I go about making music. Be sure to give it a read and leave a comment, it’s interesting stuff if you’re the least bit interested in what I do!

I’ll also take this opportunity to tell you about�n.anosou, my new side-project. It’s basically a tiny little netlabel that will be mainly for me and friends/colleagues to release original music you can’t find elsewhere. The thought is releasing miniature albums with 5-7 original tracks every now and then. Keep a look out in the coming weeks for snippets from the first release and DEFINITELY look forward to the first release itself!

Nerdapalooza Lifetime WHAT?


hex just updated the Nerdapalooza blog, lots of cool stuff in there but WHAT A NERDAPALOOZA LIFETIME PASS? For just $350?!


  • Lifetime pass to any and every Nerdapalooza sponsored show
  • VIP Access to any Nerdapalooza show you attend (where applicable)
  • Nerdapalooza Final Boss Club T-Shirt
  • Digital copies of any and every release that Nerdapalooza makes, musical, DVD, or otherwise
  • Special exclusive goodie at every Nerdapalooza Annual Festival
  • That’s BARELY more than a single entry to MAGFest with the super supported badge and (sorry Brendan) WAY better in my opinion! Holy crap. Only 50 are availible, and if I had a job I’d be CRAZY to not buy one. Anyway check out the full article for other nerdy stuffs.

    BGC named a Power User of FL Studio

    From biggiantcircles.com

    Hey friends and fans, some pretty cool news that I’ve been meaning to share for the past few days:� The good folks at Image Line software, the makers of FL Studio have appointed me the honor of being considered a “Power User” when they found out about my use of their software for my work in Mass Effect 2.

    I’m very honored and flattered by this, though truthfully I feel a little… out of place, haha.� Most of their other Power Users are successful producers, DJ’s, or performers who largely deal in electronic/pop music.� But it’s all good, I’m proud of my work on Mass Effect, and it looks like Image Line is as well, enough so that they figured it was worth giving me this cool badge, so to speak.

    Regarding FL Studio, I’ve used it for some 6 – 7 years at this point as the primary host/sequencer program for probably over 95% of the music I’ve made.� Like any software it has it’s strengths and weaknesses, but it’s definitely played a key role in all the commercial music I’ve written, whether for video games, film, or television.� So thanks again, Image Line.� Keep up the hard work with your software!

    For more information, visit my Power User page here – http://flstudio.image-line.com/documents/jimmyhinson.html

    I Fight Dragons Signs Deal with Photo Finish / Atlantic Records

    This was only a matter of time, really. I got the newsletter today explaining that I Fight Dragons has been signed by Photo Finish / Atlantic Records (the same label that handles 3OH!3, my guilty pleasure). Needless to say I’m really happy for them, but I’mma let you finish. Nah, just kidding. Just happy for’em. Below is the e-mails.

    So yesterday we shared some big news, and I wanted to send it out to everyone officially today.  Please excuse the length of this email, but it’s a big topic.  That said, feel free to skip to the end if you’d prefer 🙂

    If you’ve been reading our emails / blogs / twitter lately, you’ve probably been suspicious as to this ‘secret announcement’ we keep alluding to.  Well the time has come, but I feel the need to explain first.

    When we began to work on demos and recordings back in 2008 for what would become I Fight Dragons and Cool Is Just A Number, we didn’t have a specific 5-year plan for how things would go.  Personally, I had spent the preceding couple years trying to find the kind of music I most wanted to be making, failing again and again.  For half of the band, this was the first real ‘band’ they had ever been in, having come more from classically trained musical backgrounds.

    I say all of this because at the heart of it, our fidelity has always been to the music.  I think that’s how it always should be.  The music comes first.

    Then came 2009, and we finally pushed ourselves out in public for the first time, armed only with our newly-minted EPs with their comic-booky art and our NES controllers, clad in Justice League shirts.  We were scared shitless, but somehow it still felt right.

    The amount of welcoming energy, support, help, and love we received right from the get-go was simply astounding.  We were completely blown away by the support of people who loved our music, who agreed with what we were doing, who became a part of all of it.  

    I say this all because in 2009 things changed for us.  We realized that although the music always has to come first, there is another layer.  The true joy (at least for us) is in sharing it with people who love it as much as we do, and connecting with them, and helping them connect with each other.  It’s all one big self-reinforcing exponentially-expanding music-art-emotion-thought network of amazingness.

    So in the fall of 2009, we took the big plunge, hitting the road full time across the nation on tour with mc chris.  It was without a doubt the most exciting experience of our musical lives, playing 45 shows in 55 days over 15,000 miles, meeting new fans and connecting faces with people we had only connected with online before.

    So far, so good, right?  Well, yes and no.  It was hard to admit for enterprising new-minded folks like ourselves, but during that tour we started to hit our limits.  We were still doing the bulk of everything ourselves, marketing, distribution, web design / development, social media, PR, and more, and trying to do that while driving hundreds of miles every day and playing a show every night was simply an impossible task.

    To top it all off, we’re a six person band.  In this brave new internet-age, artists like mc chris, Jonathan Coulton, and a handful of others have been able to forge 100% independent music careers for themselves, but almost without fail they’re solo artists.  They are self-produced, and more importantly they can tour with almost no expenses, which is where a lot of that living is earned.  We’re still just one band, one income, but with 6 mouths to feed.

    So we had to admit that we needed to grow.  

    This is where the big news comes in.  Since late August of 2009, we’ve been talking with Photo Finish / Atlantic Records about signing I Fight Dragons and helping us expand what we do and connect with even more people on a larger scale.

    They have been amazing throughout the whole process, incredibly excited about everything that we’ve done already, and very interested in preserving our creative control.  They’re also incredibly open to continuing this new kind of connection we have with fans, and helping it grow in new and exciting ways, which is incredibly important to us.  Not to mention the fact that so many of our musical inspirations have been on (and continue to be on!) Atlantic Records.  It’s a label with both an incredible history and a desire to grow and change with the future.  Photo Finish is an arm of Atlantic which has acts such as 3OH!3, and they are really awesome with internet-centric cool ideas, which we definitely love.

    So, as of February 4, 2010, we are officially announcing that I Fight Dragons is joining the Photo Finish / Atlantic Records roster.

    Now some of you may know how big a deal this is, but some may not.  So just what does this mean?

    Well for one, “Heads Up, Hearts Down” is currently #5 on Denver’s top Alternative Rock station, KTCL 93.3.  Atlantic’s awesome radio team will start to take it to stations all across the nation in the next few weeks, and before you know it, you might start to hear Chiptune-Rock on your radio dial.  Nutso, right?

    Another difference is that we’re going to record and release our debut full-length album with Photo Finish / Atlantic.  It will be available in retail stores across the nation, and the new singles will also be taken to radio by their intrepid team.  To top it off, they are giving us huge amounts of creative control, and we are incredibly excited about the album.

    The final, partially related, HUGE piece of news is that we’ll be headed out on tour this spring with our fellow Atlantic Records bands 3OH!3 (Photo Finish), Cobra Starship (Fueled by Ramen), and Travis McCoy (of Gym Class Heroes, on Fueled by Ramen).  The tour is called the MTV “Too Fast For Love” tour, and the first announced dates are up on our site:  ifightdragons.com/shows.html, with more to come.  We are going to be playing some huge rock shows!!

    So to sum it all up, this is a big big step forward for us.  We hope you will join us in celebrating, and we’re happy to answer any questions you have, since we know this is a lot to take in.  You can reply to this email, or post a comment on the blog entry that contains all of this info Here.  We sincerely hope you’re as happy as we are, and that you’ll take this step with us on this crazy road to wherever the heck it is we’re going 🙂


    -Your Friendly Neighborhood Dragon Fighters:
         Brian, Bill, Hari, Laura, Packy, and Chad

    PS – we only have a handful left of the 500 DVDs that went on sale 2 weeks ago!  We’ll probably run out by the end of this week, so make sure to get yours asap if you want one:  (Click Here for DVD Info)

    The Nerdy Show podcast counts down their top 20 nerdy things of 2009

    Nerdy Shoot 2009

    From GM4A:

    Including many of the artists which we feature here, on this very site regularly, the Nerdy Show recently counted down their favorite nerdy things of 2009. “Ladies and Gentlemen, we present to you the Final Boss of 2009! In this episode we unleash our list of the Top Twenty Nerdy THINGS of 2009, in a VERY specific order. Movies, video games, people, music, concepts – if it’s nerdy then we judged its worth.”

    The gang discuss their picks, in between playing music from the releases on the list, including tracks from videogame orchestra, I Fight Dragons, The Protomen and Pixelh8. Head on over to the Nerdy Show website, and download Episode 18 :: 2009 Final Boss now!

    Week in Video Game Inspired Music 11/30-12/06

    From GameMusic4All:

    This week in VGIM, the biggest thing, IS OUR OBVIOUS REDESIGN! Did you not notice!? We got us some nice forums as well too! Well besides that we have some cool news stories, even an in-depth look at the history of chiptunes.

    Also a few new podcasts and a couple great remixes (Link’s Awakening anyone?). Up top we have some fantastic art by Rocco D Commisso who you might know from the great Megas inspired art we featured last year. “Galaga” is the simple name of this great pin-up piece. Also congrats to good pal jmr for his first piece published on OCReMix!


    This Week in Video Game Inspired Music


    I have decided to start a brand new weekly section. Every Sunday I shall bring together the smaller links I dig up every week and introduce them to you in this segment. As well as update you on the latest releases out ofRemix: Tha Sauce and OverClocked ReMix.

    I also hope to toss up some random art to kick off every article, like this awesome painting above byfunnelbc.

    As with any other article or news, if you have a good link to send my way for this article, definitely get in touch!

    Sound Current: 2 Player Productions – Reformatting PAX for DVD from GameSetWatch

    An audience with Video Games Live’s Tommy Tallarico from geeks.co.uk

    Designers Announced for Exclusive Visualist T-Shirts from Blip Festival

    Shows & Podcasts
    Digital Ensemble #207 and #208 with Special Guests!
    A bicycle built for three
    Alphabutt Soup

    Podcast: NLFM Episode 1 – Open For Business! from Nintendo Life

    Latest Remix: Tha Sauce songs
    Battle in the Ancient Temple (Zelda: Majora’s Mask) by Liquid Wind

    Altar Perception (Tales of Symphonia) by Monobrow

    Autumn in Yesteryear Guardia (Chrono Trigger) by Protricity

    Smithy is Going Down (Super Mario RPG) by NintenJoe 64

    Smoothe Criminals (Xenogears) by The Vagrance

    Meteorites and Rabbits (Super Mario Galaxy) by jmr

    Tryst With the Enemy (Metroid Fusion) by Protricity

    Worm Grinder (Super Metroid) by Liquid Wind

    Pangaea’s Onomotapoeia (Secret of Evermore) by Meteo Xavier

    Crepuscle Results (Sonic 2) by Xenon Odyssey

    Investigating Outer Heaven (Metal Gear) by Mutherpluckin’ B

    Latest OCReMix releases
    Berinstar (Super Metroid) by 8 Bit Instrumental

    The Masked Man (Street Fighter II: The World Warrior) by Nutritious

    A Mighty Enemy on the Battlefield (Lost Odyssey) by The Dual Dragons

    Minibadass (Aquaria) by Daniel Baranowsky

    Ravaging Reptile (Mega Man 3) by AeroZ

    Psi Piano Omega (EarthBound) by Shnabubula

    BTMNTBAMLOL (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III: The Manhattan Project) by Danimal Cannon, KBart, Stemage

    And finally, we end with this recent video from dntsje called Bad Apple!! on LCD Screen 128×64 pixels.