Duke Nukem Forever…IN PRODUCTION?!

From Slashdot

An anonymous reader writes “Like that fungus under your keyboard, Duke Nukem Forever never really seems to go away. Well in the latest installment in unsubstantiated DNF rumors it appears that the game is finally in production. Via Joystiq “everyone’s favorite vaporware is “in full production” according to George Broussard, co-founder of 3D Realms. In an interview with 1up, towards the end, Broussard chats about the status of Duke Nukem Forever, the unfortunately-apt title to the game over a decade in development.”

I’m in complete awe.

Super Mario War

Dunno how old this is, but I didn’t know about it anyway..

Super Mario War is a party game for one (which isn’t much of a party) to four players, which is somewhat reminiscent of the original Mario Bros. arcade game, except the only enemies are the other Marios, controlled by other players or the computer.
In Classic mode the object is to jump on the other Marios’ heads and keep them from jumping on yours, which is pretty fun, but if you get bored with that there are 16 other modes like Chicken, Tag, Domination, and Survival. A nice selection of levels, all based on Mario graphics, are bundled with the game, along with a level editor to build your own. Super Mario War is a free download for Windows or Xbox, though the latter requires that you have the ability to run homebrew games.


Home Video Arcade Machines

Chinese manufacturer and marketer Big Electronic Games Limited is
soon to start selling 62-inch high authentic, stand-up arcade machines
(and tabletop ones too) with a Midway license. The available games
include Defender I + II, Joust, Rootbeer Tapper and eight other games.

arcade machine itself has a built in color monitor. Additional A/V
inputs allow other things (DVD, game systems, etc.) to be plugged in
and viewed on the monitor.

Oh, right. The best feature. YOU DON’T NEED TO PAY ANY QUARTERS!!!!!

Available End of November 2005 at Target chains!

Costs $500. (Or 2,000 quarters)


EA releases Ultima Online survey.

A few days ago EA e-mailed everyone on the Ultima Online mailing list this survey. In the survey they ask if you still play or ever did play UO, and if you quit, why? Among the choices are “I don’t like UO:AoS”, “I don’t like how UO is item-based now as opposed to skill based”, and “I don’t like the new features added being added to UO.”
Additionally they go on to ask you to type out specific reasons why you left, and what you’d like to ask the producers to do to make you come back. After which they ask you for the top 3 things that would make you return, among which is “A pre-Renaissance shard that featured a rule set more like what UO launched with.” And if they made those changes, what are the odds you’d come back. “Definately.”

Could it be that EA is actually going to give back to UO what everyone has been asking for for YEARs now? To anyone who played UO over the first few years, and left as OSI and EA continued to ruin it to compete with other MMOs, this is HUGE news. So if you want old UO back, GO FILL OUT THE SURVEY!!

Captain Jack, dead at 43

Cuban-born dance music artist Franky Gee, better-known to his European fans as “Captain Jack,” has died of a brain haemorrhage while in Spain, German media reported on Saturday. He was 43.
In a 10-year career that began in 1995, the former U.S. soldier and one-time German stock broker sold more than 7 million albums and singles, earning 19 gold and platinum discs with titles like “Drill Instructor” and “Soldier, Soldier.”

Gee was born in Cuba in 1962 as Francisco Gutierrez.

His parents emigrated to Miami when he was a child. He later joined the U.S. army, ending up in Germany, where he stayed from 1988 holding a variety of jobs before entering the music business.

Source: Reuters

ESA to sue Michigan

The governor of Michigan, democrat Jennifer Granholm, has signed into law 4 bills this week to prohibit the sales of violent and sexually graphic video games to minors. The president of the Entertainment Software Association (ESA), Douglas Lowenstein, said that the law is unconstitutionally vague, and will thusly limit the residents’ First Amendment rights.

The laws are slated to come into effect on December 1st later this year, and the argument for them is that they are common sense laws, and it is intended to provide parents with the resources to protect their children from the effects of violence and “adult content.”

In response to the news, Lowenstein is quoted to have said “How can you treat a video game based on James Bond any different than a book or movie based on the same subject matter?”

In many other states similar laws have been struck down by federal courts, due to the fact that they were infringing upon the First Amendment rights.

Source: Detroit Free Press

Chrono Trigger Turns Ten

Ten years ago, Chrono Trigger was released in the USA, securing it as a
legend of RPGs and an extraordinary game. Now, three hundred remixes,
ten years, and countless fan projects later, Chrono Trigger’s release
is once more celebrated in a big, big way. While I will be posting
expanded links on Chrono / remix gaming forums, all the new stuff can
be accessed through one page. Along with all the new features and gifts
are four new bLiNd Chrono covers; don’t miss them! Direct your attention, if you will to http://www.chronocompendium.com/Term/Chrono_Trigger_10th_Birthday

Have fun everyone! Here’s to another ten years!