Shael Riley at A&G Ohio on March 14th

From GM4A:

Amazing nerdcore artist, not to mention OCRemixer and head of the SF2HD soundtrack, Shael Riley has recently informed me that he will be performing live at A&G Ohio,
which stands for Animation and Gaming respectively. I have been
watching youtubes of his sets for a while now and they are definitely
not something to be missed.
Maybe one day he will make it out to the
west coast, or he’ll have a set at Nerdapalooza
at the least (hear that Hex?). Anyway, check out the convention which
runs March 13-15, as it should be ace. And of course don’t miss out on
Shael Riley’s set on Saturday March 14th unless you are a grade A
sucker. For proof check out the footage below of the appropriate for
Valentine’s Day song Bits and Pieces from his album Toybox!

Mega Ran 9 = FREE


Unity favorite Random
has finished up his new album and made it available for the low, low
cost of FREE.  The album isn’t just entirely inspired by Mega Man–it’s
entirely inspired by Mega Man *9*Splash Woman is my favorite so far, but download the whole thing here!

I had the pleasure of meeting Random when I met up with myf at Nerdapalooza here in Orlando last year. Really great guy. Really talented, too. I thoroughly recommend this to any Mega Man / Hip-hop fan.

Select Start make self titled album free to download

From GM4A:

I have recently been informed that amazing six piece Florida band Select Start have decided to put their self titled album up on their website as a free download. Check this link to download the album.
Just click on the [link] to download the amazing 16 track album
which includes songs from Zelda, Chrono Trigger, Mega Man, Metroid and
a ton more! This is by far one of the most important albums any video
game fan could have in their collection and now you have absolutely no
excuse to not have it!

Tracked in Time


For anyone who’s curious: Yes, I’m still using Impulse Tracker to
track “normal” songs (not just chiptunes) and yes, there’s new stuff
you can listen to. Here:

Some background, for anyone who is scratching their head: I’m in a demo group called Brainstorm along with a bunch of incredible musicians, programmers, and artists. We make cool demos and enter in demo party contests and talk about boobies and human-goat relations and alcoholic beverages.

A musicdisk is essentially an album or EP of music released for free
in the demo scene, often packaged as an executable file with a display
/ visualization program written specifically for the album. Tracked in
Time (TiT for short, obviously) is one such musicdisk, with a very
unique distinction.

In the late 80s and early 90s, tracking software exploded onto the scene following the release of Ultimate Soundtracker on the Commodore Amiga
computer in 1987. There was an official disk of instrument / percussion
samples distributed alongside it, called ST-01. We have taken that pack
of samples, and nothing else, and written a collection of brand new

This production is many years in the making — if you’re unfamiliar
with musicdisks or demos, you’ll want to click on the “Info” button to
get a scrolling text file while you listen to the songs. It will
explain more about the disk and, at times, the “keyboard” will be
“handed over” to each participant, myself included, to say a little

My tracks are “Keep Shreddin’, Little Man” (4 channel) and
“Nightfall over the City” (multichannel), but do yourself a favor and
listen to everything; there’s a TON of great music in there. Enjoy!

The Tindeck is DOWN

Tindeck, a popular MP3 hosting website used by many members of the community, has recently announced that they were be out of commission for the remainder of the month due to bandwidth issues:

Tindeck is down until next month. – 15/Jan/2009 02:17

We got fucked hard by people uploading copyrighted material (primarily
Britney Spears and Akon; can’t say we’re terribly surprised) and
hotlinking those files on MySpace profiles and through various
streaming sites. The amount of bandwidth we used is shocking and more
expensive than we can afford at this time, so until our metrics reset
Tindeck will be kept offline to avoid running the bill up even further.

Tindeck has never been a profit-generating service (in actual fact we
pay a lot of money out of our own pockets each month to keep this place
going) so the abuse of what we provide here is really disheartening,
particularly given the amount of debt it’s driven us into :(The files already uploaded are all safe and sound, and we’ll be back to
normal operation next month with a few new features and a redesign that
will make things a hell of a lot easier to manage. 

Two new original tracks from virt

At MAGFest, I finally figured out why virt’s music site wasn’t being updated anymore: He has a new one (and it has a news feed, thank goodness). So when I got home I added it to my Super Seekrit Netvibes Universe* that I use for covering the community, and it didn’t take long to deliver. virt has already uploaded 2 new songs for download.

*I’m gonna be releasing a PROPER ThaSauce Netvibes Universe sometime soon for public use…feel free to use mine until then, but know a newer, BETTER one will be out shortly, and linked somewhere on the main page.

Sorcerors Battle

Posted by Jake on January 10th, 2009 filed in Chiptunes, Music Release

This is one of the three new songs I debuted at MAGFest 7 –
An FM journey into an epic past where metallic wizards do battle on
high windy cliffs with guitars and lightning. Dedicated to Wizwars, who
couldn’t be at Magfest, and who was deeply missed in an otherwise
incredible chiptune concert.

Download file:



Posted by Jake on January 10th, 2009 filed in Chiptunes, Music Release

This is Nugget’s Theme. For anyone who doesn’t already know,
Nugget is my adorable puppy (there’s a link to a picture on my About
page). This song is for and about him — his own simpler, more upbeat
counterpart to “Staring at My Spaceship”. The mini-melodies during the
silent pauses are the “fanfares” our Roomba vacuum plays when it starts
and finishes cleaning, respectively. The Roomba is Nugget’s best
friend, they were raised together.

Download file:

8-Bit Jesus: Full Album Release


Just in time for Christmas, it’s the full version of 8-Bit Jesus: Classic Christmas Songs in the Style of Classic NES Games. This
full release contains 18 tracks total, including improved variations
of a few of the original nine! Please be sure to check out the new amazing cover art for the full release, designed by Jude Buffum.

To download the album for free, click the
appropriate link below. The download is available in both ZIP and RAR
formats, or you can download individual tracks if you wish. To listen
to a few of the tracks, please visit my Myspace page.

If you really like the album, please consider donating any amount
you wish via PayPal. If you don’t have PayPal and still wish to make a
donation, money orders are more than welcome. Just shoot me an email to get my mailing address.


Anyone who donates $15 or more will receive a physical copy of 8-Bit Jesus in the mail (see picture above for package, designed by Jude Buffum). If
you donate $30, you will receive two, and so on. These include first
class shipping, so don’t worry about that. If you live outside the
U.S., please be prepared to wait a few weeks from the shipping
date to receive your copy. I will be mailing these out in the order I
receive the donations, but obviously, International shipping takes

Due to the insanity of the holiday season, I will likely not be able
to mail the copies out until after Christmas, but that all depends on
how many I have to send. Many, I would hope! If your PayPal address is
different from the address to which you want the copy mailed, make sure
you include the correct mailing address in a note along with your
payment, or in an email after you make your payment (be sure to include
your PayPal confirmation number, or PayPal e-mail address, if different
from the email from which you send the address information). Click the
“Contact Doctor Octoroc” button at the right side of the top menu to
send me a message, or just send an email to jazzlevi[at]yahoo[dot]com. For anyone who forgets to send their address, I will send a message to get this information when I get to your order. Please be patient, as I am producing, packaging, and mailing these myself.

EDIT 01: I’ve decided, due to the number of donations I’ve
gotten so far, to send these to a professional cd duplication/printing
place. The advantage is, you get an even better looking physical copy!
The disadvantage is, you might have to wait til mid January or even
beginning of February to get it. Trust me, it will be worth the wait!
You’ve seen the artwork above, right? Imagine that times six, and
that’s the finished package deal! Actually…multiply it by seven,
counting the disc.

EDIT 02: You may have trouble downloading the file(s) due to
massive downloads (that’s what I get for offering this for free,
haha), so please visit one of the following links to download a mirror
if you expereinced problems coming to the site!

Jude Buffum
Mike and Heather
Bender Rodriguez
72-Pin Connector

Download 8-Bit Jesus in RAR Format

Download 8-Bit Jesus in ZIP Format

ReMix:ThaSauce ‘To Be Post’ list updated, QC forum updates, podcast limbo, etc..

So first of all, I’d like to say thanks to everyone who came out and submitted stuff to ReMx:ThaSauce over the past few weeks. We really appreciate it, guys. There’s so much great music out there just waiting to be heard, and we wanna make sure it reaches as many people as possible.

I’ve gone ahead and posted what I have TAGGED AND READY to be posted in the thread on the QC forums. This isn’t a concrete list of what I have, or what’s going to be direct posted, but more an idea of where I am RIGHT NOW. Expect some updates to this thread, and the QC forums in general over the next week or so. Our Arbiters are probably going to have to come out of hibernation for a bit, too =P

On top of that there’s been some dicussion about reforming VGDJ @ OCR, and it brought up the reminder that WE haven’t done a podcast in some time. I’d been busy with finishing up school, and starla had a few things she’s been taking care of too. I think we’re ready to start getting something going again, and I know I said I’d have one ready by last Friday, but really there’s just so much to cover we’re having trouble fitting it all into 1 show. Anywhere we’re pretty close to (if not totally done with) ironing out what we plan to put in the next show, so you guys should expect one VERY VERY SOON…but seriously.

Lastly I’d still like to remind people that, even though I got a good ammount of submissions lately, they’re still pretty far and few between overall. So keep’em comin’. We wanna make sure all the music we can gets to as many people as possible, and the best way to do that is to have a constant flow of stuff coming in.

If you didn’t see it on ReMix:ThaSauce my original post is here:

So, some people think we’re dead, but we’re not. I ASSURE YOU. We’re just in a dry spell for submissions (unofficial count right now is 1 to be QC’d and 1 to be posted, but don’t quote me on that because I’m not exactly checking RIGHT NOW).

That in mind…SUBMIT. If you submitted before and have new stuff? Submit! If you submitted before and got rejected? SUBMIT! If you know someone who has a song that they’ve finished but haven’t posted it anywhere or got it rejected from OCReMix? Tell them to submit! If you submitted a song and it didn’t get posted and it didn’t go to the qc RESUBMIT! It happens sometime (except you, Bren. I got you.)

Bush signs PRO-IP bill into law

Yep.  RIAA and MPAA lobbying has done it again.  I’m not going to be able to explain the PRO-IP act well enough so I’ll just give you a few links after the jump.  And be sure to extend a giant middle finger to “big media” by supporting Free Shit and other internet culture resources.
Source from Reuters
EFF breakdown from 2007
ArsTechnica breakdown from Feb

Retro Remix Revue album out

Hey everyone. I just found out about thasauce trying to help promote our new album. Very nice site here! Anyway, I’ve got a remix album of old school video game music that some of you would probably enjoy. Samples are up on the website and the album is available for download off of iTunes and Amazon. Check out some interviews with the people involved with the project to give you more of an idea of what the project is all about.

Project website:
Interviews at Original Sound Version:
Check it out, let us know what you think.