OverClocked ReMix Increases Maximum File Size Limit to 8MB


  • The max bitrate REMAINS 192Kbps; if you want to visit my house and prove you can pass a blind test differentiating between 192Kbps and 256Kbps, be my guest. If you win, the bitrate will be raised. If you lose, you owe OC ReMix $300 for my time
  • This decision was reached by vote of the judges panel on a thread I posted; our mirrors are handling MP3 bandwidth admirably and, combined with torrents, have proven that this increase should be sustainable, so I posed the question and the judges responded.
  • If you already have a piece queued up you think would benefit from a higher quality encode, please get in touch with a judge, BUT please note that any such changes may delay the evaluation of your track. I’d recommend against it unless it’s a 6-7 minute track where the encode really brutalized things.
  • As to the logical follow up question of “OMFG WHY NOT 10MB?! OR EVEN… 100MB!!!?“, well, to be honest 6MiB has been serving us quite well for a long time. There are logistics involved at OCR that are fairly unique, and specifically when you factor in the (necessarily) manual evaluation of both arrangement and production PLUS the general deterrence towards mega-medleys, etc., we feel it makes a lot of sense.
  • We are considering going back and soliciting higher quality encodes of mixes ALREADY posted, but have not formalized any plans. Please don’t ask to update any existing tracks you may have had posted on the site, as we won’t do it – in other words, don’t call us, we’ll call you.

That’s it, pretty much. While I’m sure someone can manage to put a negative spin on this by complaining that it took us too long, that it should be raised higher still, or that Larry smells (only one of which is true), I see it as a “good thing” that represents our steady, stable, persistent improvement of the site over time.

New ReMix Comment/Review Presentation on OCReMix

DJP wrote on OCReMix:

In the spirit of making April kick as much ass as possible, we’ve gone live with a modified ReMix detail page that incorporates comments RIGHT on the page itself, in a blog/youtube style. You can still get to the full review thread, and in fact need
to in order to reply, but if you’re just browsing the latest 15
comments, you don’t need to leave the main mix page. We plan to do the
same thing for albums.

Example: http://www.ocremix.org/remix/OCR01830/

I’m still working on the code that parses/cleans up BBcode, so you’ll
see some formatting inconsistencies with URL, quote, and other
elements, but in general the comments should be intelligible.

I personally prefer things this way as I feel it highlights the awesome
feedback OA, DragonAvenger, Marmiduke, Polo, Dhsu, and many others
provide for so many mixes. Hopefully it will encourage others to do the

So, what do YOU think? Post your thoughts on this change here – do keep
in mind that, as stated, I’m still working on the text formatting, so
pointing that out isn’t necessary.

April is Support OCR Month 2009

BGC posted on OCReMix:

Last year, djpretzel mentioned in a write-up that “Sometimes,
because of our content policy, our LLC status, the amount of content on
the site, or any number of things, people mistakenly think that we’re
an actual business that has ample resources and makes money, etc. This
is not the case – money from all our ads, shirt sales, and donations
combined only barely breaks even these days due to the operational cost
of hosting the site.
In other words, we always need whatever help you can provide.”
The same holds true this year as well. Before I get right to it,
however, I’d like to cover a few points. OverClocked ReMix has
experienced some tremendous growth in the last year – I think it’s fair
to say that none of the “old-timers” ever anticipated how popular it
would become or the impact it would have on so many people on so many
levels. With Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, we managed
to make our way into a major video game franchise, we’ve gotten a lot
of positive attention online and through events like Video Games Live,
and we’re receiving an ever increasing number of submissions from both
aspiring and renowned musicians from all over the world. Why does any
of this matter? The larger the site grows, the more resources it takes
to keep moving forward.

Many of you will remember that this time last year, I unofficially declared April to be “Support OCR Month”.
It seemed appropriate, since the site was not only officially standing
on its own two legs, but was growing rapidly, with the cost of things
like bandwidth and hosting quickly outgrowing the limited funds
generated from T-shirts, stickers, hoodies, and ads. Whether you’ve
personally downloaded one or all of the remixes that are hosted here,
enjoyed any of the album projects, made it to a meet-up or convention
and had a blast, played a game online with friends you’ve made here,
learned a skill you didn’t have before, improved a skill or ability,
helped someone else in the same way, sit and spent minutes or hours and
hours on the forums, or any combination of these things etc, that’s all
made possible by djp’s continued work on the site and our ability to
make such resources available. This year’s A1 gag
was great, but it’s not entirely unrealistic—that is, the possibility
of losing the battle to site operating costs and watching the site
disappear. In fact, though we aren’t quite in dire straights, we walk closer to that ledge than many people think.

Read more on OverClocked ReMix…

WomenGamers.com interviews women from OCReMix

From GM4A:

Recently the people over at WomenGamers.com
took the time to interview three of the female musicians of the OCReMix
world. The article talks to three amazing and talented musicians,
including Jillian Goldin, Nicole Adams, and Elaine Li of Florida based
group Select Start. They cover topics including women in gaming, women in music, the
validity of game music and where VGM is heading in the future.
They all
provide interesting and thoughtful answers on the questions and it
makes for a really in depth read for those who want to learn more about
these amazing and talented people. You can read the article through this link. Then be sure to check out their music on OCReMix.org, Jillian Goldin at her official site jilliangoldin.com, Elaine Li and her group can also be found at selectstartband.com, and Nicole Adams on her myspace page at myspace.com/nicoleadams84.

Interestingly enough OverClocked ReMix’s very first female ReMixer, injury, wasn’t mentioned anywhere in the article despite working on a for of the Nicole Adams songs mentioned. Still, it’s a good read. Check it out.

Capcom & OCR: Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix

Just in case, like us, you’ve been living in a hole lately, Capcom’s Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix featuring a soundtrack by none other than our friends at OverClocked ReMix, is now available for Xbox Live and PlayStation Network. You can download the official soundtrack for free at http://www.ocremix.org/hdremix/. Be sure to read djp’s official OCR press release here.

OCremix tracks getting airtime on wcradio.com

Just posting a quick note to let the community know that the entire
archive of OCRemix tracks is on our 24/7 playlist on WoW Radio (http://www.wcradio.com),
played on our live talk-shows, and incorporated, with proper
accreditation, into our podcasts as music breaks. We have checked the
terms of use and to our knowledge are fully complaint with the OCRemix
license and regulations. Any artist who does not wish to be a part of
our programming, feel free to email [email protected] and we’ll have your material removed.

“A little background on our organization. WoW Radio has been running for
over 3 years providing original talk-show content to the World of
Warcraft community. We currently service over 125,000 unique listeners
a month, and over 750,000 podcasts are downloaded every month from our
site. Our content is available through all major RSS-compatible
distributors including iTunes, and our live stream can be listened to
through our website via any shoutcast compatible media player.

“Thanks again to this community for providing such a wealth of quality
content. We hope we can help give you the exposure you deserve.

TB. Station owner.

OverClocked Remix at Genericon XXI this Saturday

Look out New York State! OverClocked Remix is coming your way!

This weekend, OCR’s David “djpretzel” Lloyd, Larry “Liontamer” Oji, and Andrew “zircon” Aversa, will be invading Genericon, an anime/science fiction/gaming convention held at Renssalaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI), in Troy, NY.
Here’s a quote of the thread posted by djpretzel on OCR:

Troy, NY – OverClocked ReMix will participate this weekend as one of several guests at Genericon, an anime/science fiction/gaming convention held by Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
(RPI). Site staff David “djpretzel” Lloyd, Larry “Liontamer” Oji, and
Andrew “zircon” Aversa will be representing OC ReMix, holding a panel,
giving away prizes, and joining in the festivities. Other guests
include Al Lowe of Leisure Suit Larry, King’s Quest, and Police Quest fame, musical group Echostream, and Rob Balder of the webcomic PartiallyClips.

The OverClocked ReMix panel will be held at 3:00pm on Saturday the 26th in DCC 308.

Genericon is being held January 25-27; more information is available at http://genericon.union.rpi.edu/.

thieves of fate: a radical dreamers remix project released at OCR!

Theives of Fatethe project that i’ve headed up since august 2006, Thieves of Fate, released a few days ago at OCR. comprised of fifteen tracks and two bonus remixes, ToF:RD represents the combined work of eighteen artists, featuring such well-known remixers as ktriton, po!, Fishy, Ross Kmet, Geoffrey Taucer, and DrumUltimA, this is an enjoyable project with a variety of memorable tracks. go and get it at the OCR project website!

people to thank:
-djp, for working his arse off to get everything to work on the ocr end
-oa, for not only mixing 3.5 tracks, but also writing the site and doing the artwork
-the mixers, for mixing
-the hosters (bongo, oa, and escariot) for hosting the entire project

Giving the gift of reviews

DragonAvenger on the OCR forums:

So it’s that Christmas month again, and last year BGC started a really
cool movement to get some lesser-listened-to songs more reviews. I
think it’s a great idea, and I want to bring it back this year.
Basically, there are tons of songs that have less than 20 reviews, and
even some with less than 10. I say we all try to find at least one song
a day that we haven’t listened to, or haven’t reviewed, and try to beef
up those review threads.

So, take a few minutes and grab a song you haven’t heard, or maybe
listen to one you haven’t reviewed and take a little time to write some

And, for the lame ending sentence,
“Give the gift of reviews!”