OC ReMix adds new list formats for games & remixes

djpretzel on the OCReMix forums:

Tonight, after multiple hours of development that had my girlfriend
yelling at me for breaking a promise to stop at 10:00pm, I uploaded
modifications to OCR’s list system that, in my opinion, represent a
substantial improvement.
  • Multiple ReMixers are now credited, instead of just a count
  • Multiple composers are now credited, instead of just a count
  • Individual songs are listed, where available, for each mix
  • Japanese names of both games and composers are presented in context
  • Columns and font sizes have been rearranged for enhanced usability
  • System icons have been added to help distinguish game/remix records

Phew! Honestly, this was a boatload of work, and I wouldn’t be
surprised if there are a couple issues that need to be fixed. Let us
know what you think, and report any problems here!

New Protricity song on OCReMix! Amends?

Metal Slug 3 ‘Light ‘Em Up’ write-up:

So, of all the names involved in this flood, Ari’s might be the most
surprising; his relationship with the judges panel, the overall site,
and me personally has certainly had its ups and downs, putting it
tactfully. However, for the recent Content Policy discussion,
we needed his input, since he has a significant body of work on the
site. We talked on IM and I unbanned him from our forums since
everything seemed mellow and relatively copasetic, and thus far this
hasn’t proven a major mistake on my part. My Spidey-Sense tells me that
with time and distance tends to come perspective and objectivity, and
hopefully that’s the case on both sides. Regardless, he’s submitted a
badass Metal Slug 3 mix, so any past dramarama is really secondary if
not tertiary, as there’s some musical butt to be kicked.

This song is part of an “old school” flood on OverClocked ReMix. Other songs are still TBA. Stay tuned 😮

OCR Panel, Meetups at Otakon 2007

OverClocked ReMix is having another panel at Otakon this year, this time a whopping two hours long. The panel, titled “OverClocked ReMix: Game Music Evolved”, takes place from 10 A.M. to Noon on Friday, July 20. Afterwards, there will be a meetup at the fountain at the Inner Harbor, around 12:30 P.M.

Additionally, there will be another meetup at the same location on Saturday, July 21, at noon. More panel and meetup information is available at the thread on OCReMix.

djpretzel and company to formalize OCR policy.

On OverClocked ReMix, djpretzel and the site staff are working with the local forum to create a formal OCR policy regarding “ReMixes.” The policy essentially formalizes unspoken policies about submissions, the retention of ownership by the respective artists, the rights licensed to OverClocked ReMix, and the distribution/usage rights of people who have downloaded ReMixes from OverClocked ReMix. Dave plans on closing the draft to comments on Sunday, 5/27.
While generally accepted by the community, there are a few artists/members who feel that the phrases/clauses about the removal policy are not acceptable as they stand.

Read more: www.ocremix.org thread #1 www.ocremix.org thread #2

OCReMixer and ThaSauce Admin Dain -Beatdrop- Olsen lands a song in the next DDR!

zircon from the thread on OCR:

You heard it, folks. Our very own Beatdrop will be on the next DDR title from Konami, with his song “Until Forever”. He did this through a Broadjam contest and snagged $1,000 in the process… as well as some extra attention from Konami for future work, I’m sure!!!

and major props to him and y’all DDR players can look forward to hearing some goodness from our favorite industrial remixer/former judge. Movin’ on up! 🙂

Source: Broadjam

the incredible singing analoq

i got this talkbox a while back and decided to give it a go whilst covering a classic ocremix:
The Incredible Singing Robot / Star Salzman
i sequenced rhodes
& string machine, recorded bass and cut up drumloops in Live 6 for
backing tracks against my improvising on the Phatty and
singing/scatting on the Banshee.


pixietricks to sing on Civ IV Expansion OST

zircon wrote on OCR:

Time to add another person to the list of OCR community members going pro!! Our very own judge, remixer, and event coordinator pixietricks (Jill Goldin) is slated to sing on the soundtrack of the Civilization IV expansion pack,
“Beyond the Sword”. Jill was one of only two sopranos to be selected
for this gig. The composer, Christopher Tin, took home two awards at
Game Developers Conference, including “Best Original Choral
Composition” awarded by the Game Audio Network Guild – in other words,
this guy set the talent bar pretty high!
Civ IV itself has won virtually every award imaginable such as “Best
Strategy Game” and “Game of the Year” from a host of different websites
and publications, making it one of the most high-profile PC games
around. No doubt the expansion will receive as much critical acclaim.

Congratulations, Jill! Today, Civ IV, tomorrow, Final Fantasy XIII?

OverClocked ReMix releases ReCapitated — IceCap Arrangement Project

FAIRFAX, Va.–-OverClocked ReMix (http://www.ocremix.org) is proud to announce the release of ReCapitated, a freely distributed unofficial game music arrangement album available at http://icecap.ocremix.org.
The album features multiple arrangements of the classic Ice Cap Zone
theme from Sonic the Hedgehog 3, originally published by Sega for the
Sega Genesis 16-bit video game console.
The project, in progress since January 24th, 2004, represents the
combined contributions of many different artists in the game remixing
community. ReCapitated is the ninth album project released by
OverClocked ReMix, a site dedicated to the preservation and
appreciation of video game music through rearrangement and
reinterpretation. Other album projects have included Super Street
Fighter 2, Super Metroid, Chrono Trigger, and Donkey Kong Country; a
full list is available at http://www.ocremix.org/info/Albums.