Earthbound: Bound Together Released

Today joe_cam announced the release of his “Bound Together” project, an arrangement of song from Earthbound. Bound Together features 32 tracks, adding up to over 2 hours of music, by over 25 artists including Shael Riley, Ailsean, Beatdrop, po!, the OneUps, virt, Dale North, and many many more!
Hop on the Bound Together torrent and check it out! Also be sure to check out the official website.

Doujin spotlight: Celestia Project

As probably the biggest doujin community event to happen this year, Celestia Project Vol. 1 was just unveiled last weekend. Aptly subtitled the “SquareEnix Music Arrange Festival,” the release spanned two days and a total of 87 (yes, eighty-seven) Square/Enix arrangements.
One need only to listen to the inaugural Chrono Trigger track by the band Victy to realize how incredible this project is in terms of variety and overall arrangement quality. Definitely not to be missed by any fan of video game music.

Experimental Earthbound Remix Project Unveiled

Today, adhesive_boy unveiled the existance of an experimental earthbound remix project.
In production secretly since late March, the unfinished project
features such artists as adhesive_boy, binster, housethegrate, Children
of the Monkey Machine, dackz (shadow), zyko, Mazedude, Shnabubula and
many others.
The experimental nature of the project lies with the synthesis of short
arrangements (two to three minutes in length) into a single flowing
production (somewhat like Relics of the Chozo).

Feel free to browse our site to see what we’ve been working on these past months.

Doom – The Dark Side of Phobos – Released!

Here it is, folks. Almost a year of hard work, dedication and hair-pulling, The Dark Side of Phobos
is released and ready to rock. 23 tracks of remixed Doom goodness,
available for your downloading pleasure. This official Overclocked
Remix project features the talents of: analoq, ArseAssassin, Beatdrop,
Bladiator, Daniel Baranowsky, DJ Carbunk1e, Evil Horde, Elsa Persson,
Hemophiliac, Joker, Larsec, myself, Nousetre, Pixietricks, Prophecy,
RoeTaKa, Ryan8Bit, S|r Nuts and TO. There are both Mp3 downloads and a
(quite large) Bittorrent file with both Flac and Mp3 available on the
There are both Mp3 downloads and a (quite large) Bittorrent file with
both Flac and Mp3 available on the site. I recommend that you use the
Bittorrent, if just to ease the assault on the mirrors. If you can,
please seed once you are done downloading! More information is
available on the site. Please direct your comments, complaints,
compliments and other feedback to this thread and I hope you enjoy The Dark Side of Phobos!

-Navid Azeez (Mythril Nazgul)

Doujin spotlight: Music Fantasy Tactics 2

Music Fantasy Tactics 2, the followup to last year’s FF Tactics/Advance arrangement project, has now finally been officially unveiled.
Organized by Dynastess, it features 26 tunes and 25 participants.
Definitely worth checking out for any fan of FFT or just good music in

The tracks can be downloaded here. (Note: The files are compressed using the LZH format, so you will need an appropriate program to extract the MP3s).

analoq remix album featuring OCR talent

Today analoq released his remix album based on a 30 second original he wrote back in 2000.

Featuring: analoq, S|r_NutS, ArseAssassin, Dan Baranowsky, DarkeSword and DCT.
It’s available in mp3 and ogg, but analoq recommends getting the oggs
because most of the tracks blend into one another, and mp3s aren’t
sample accurate so there might be a click or gap between the tracks.
He wanted the tunes to be inseparable like in a good DJ
set rather than have ‘loose’ transitions like albums generally do,
so it is most definitely intended to be listened to all the way through.

OCR Link: