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Shnabubula Releases NES Jams, Brains Melt

A lot of people around the community know the name of Shnabubula. His virtuosic piano skills coupled with his talent for chiptunes have been explored in the past, as in his Free Play and Game Genie albums, respectively. Now the two come together in what has been called, “face melting in its finest form,” by Metroid Metal, and other compliments that are probably too vulgar and/or obscene to mention here. Suffice it to say, NES Jams is probably the best album Shnabubula has released so far, and it’ll probably only get better from here.

Retro City Rampage Soundtrack On Sale Now

Coming at you with fast-paced arcade action, Retro City Rampage is an upcoming cross-platform parody of epic proportions that promises to “take modern game mechanics and mash them into an authentic 8-bit experience”. The Retro City Rampage soundtrack that is available now, featuing phenomenal music by what may be one of the best collaborations in the VGM scene right now from Jake “virt” Kaufman, Norrin Radd, and Freaky DNA.

halc Continues to Defy the Chiptune Genre

Even though he is known to reign within OverClocked ReMix’s judges panel, halc is definitely on a roll. Following his January release of the wonderfully ambient album Zer0-G that could single-handedly define the chiptune genre even further, halc has bestowed upon us yet another EP chock-full of electro-house goodness.