Video Games Live on PBS!

from the VGL newsletter:

LOS ANGELES, CA – MARCH 23, 2010 — �The award winning Video Games
Live show has once again pulled out all the stops in its
groundbreaking effort to show the world how artistic and culturally
significant video games have become. �On Thursday, April 1st, 2010,
Video Games Live will be performing with the Louisiana Philharmonic
Orchestra at the Kenner Pontchartrain Center for a nationwide
television special which will start airing July 31, 2010 on PBS as
well as a companion DVD, Blu-Ray and album.

This will be the biggest
Video Games Live production ever staged, with more special fx,
screens, special guests and segments than ever before.

Special Guests include the creator and “father” of video games, 88
year old legend Ralph Baer. �Mr. Baer will appear on stage to
demonstrate his original “brown-box” gaming system and challenge one
lucky audience member to a match while the symphony provides the
sounds. �Mr. Baer will be available to sign autographs and get
pictures taken during the post-show meet & greet festivities. �Also in
the meet & greet will be Video Games Live creators and industry
veteran game composers Tommy Tallarico (Earthworm Jim/Advent Rising)
and Jack Wall (Myst/Mass Effect). �Marty O’Donnell (Halo), Russell
Brower (Blizzard), Gerard Marino (God of War), Christopher Tin
(Civilization IV) will also be available and MANY MORE! �Soloists will
include internet sensations Martin Leung on piano and Laura “Flute
Link” Intravia as well as the original vocal soloists for the segments
being performed.

Pre-show festivities include a costume contest, game demos, prize
give-a-ways and a Guitar Hero competition. �Costume contest and Guitar
Hero competition to be filmed for the PBS Special and DVD/Blu-Ray.

Video Games Live website: �

Week in Video Game Inspired Music 1/11 ñ 1/17

Like Jazz Zora band Indigogos by zgul-osr1113

From GM4A:

I am finally back with the first This Week in VGIM of the new year, and decade, and millenium (depending on where you start counting). Up above we have some incredible artwork by zgul-osr1113 and goes by the nameLike Jazz Zora band Indigogos.

This piece definitely has video game music written…ahem…drawn all over it! Well in site related news I have to reiterate that we have our second release. This time it’s some ambient space tunes courtesy of Doug Leinen and his new album Songs to Sing in Space (download here). I have been away for a bit due to unforeseen circumstances that were mentioned before, so there is a huge list of remixes this time around. Now let’s get down to the nitty gritty of the news.

Nario ñ Most of Me debut album release

Most of Might
From GameMusic4All:

For those familiar with one Theshizz may also be familiar with one Nario from around those parts. Well like most folks over at the shizz, Nario is quite the musician. He has released his debut album, Most of Me for free download, via Skrow Media. The album spans 13 tracks of relaxing ambient tunes and upbeat melodies.

The album kicks off with the fast paced chiptune anthem HAX. This leads straight into one of my favorite tracks, the piano driven, Metroid soundingChilled Pop Cherry Soda. The swirling piano mixes in with the deep, dungeonesque bassline to create a strong but haunting track.

The album continues to keep things interesting with lots of musical, as well as mood shifts throughout the rest of the songs.

For the best track on the album though, my vote goes to Hallucinogenic Ethics. What I consider one of the more experimental tracks on this album, the song kicks off with some ambient noise, before driving in hard with the main melody. Soon a wall of high pitched flourishes converge with the deep rhythms and create an adventurous track that stays interesting through out the three minute length of the recording. The track comes to a close with a dissonance of eerie sounds that give the track an interesting, unfinished quality to the ending.

This is a strong debut from a person we have been waiting to hear from musically for some time now, so check out his debut as well through this link! Also, be sure to check him out through his youtube page as well!

Look out! Wild ARMs Project by JaDE ARaN HaRuNo Appears!

Wild Arms Project

You might have heard, but OCReMixer bLiNd’s wife has started a serious shake down for her Wild ARMs ReMix project tentatively named: Overture of the Vigilante Wild. I had over-heard via Facebook that she had manage to net AmIEvil, a name I hadn’t seen mention in QUITE some time, and today while browsing the Artists’ Updates tab, I saw they she has managed to get McVaffe on board as well!

While most people are already excited about the upcoming DKC2 Project, the Wild ARMs project is quickly ramping up to be just as exciting.

You can follow the project, as well as see the full list of tracks and artists, on the thread on the OverClocked ReMix forums.

The Megatainment EP is here!

Megatainment From The Megas MySpace:

New music is finally here!  We just released Megatainment, a collaboration with our good friends Entertainment System!

The idea was born this time last year, when we embarked on the first Megatainment tour – basically they kept hassling us about not planning to do the MM1 soundtrack, so we said “write and record all the music and we’ll do vocals…” and that’s exactly what happened!

We’re really excited about how this turned out – Entertainment System brings a different, heavier sound than what we play, so it was a fun challenge to come up with melodies and lyrics!  Story-wise, this fits in as a nice prequel to Get Equipped.

Check out the Elecman track on our page, then head over to and pick up a copy – they’re only $5!  We’re selling hard copies for a limited time – make sure to order soon if you want to get one.

– Megas

Bad Dudes – Chronotorious album available for preview and pre-order


genoboost posted on GM4A:

Watch out! The Bad Dudes are back! And badder than ever! No that’s ridiculous, they are already the baddest dudes. Anyway, they have very recently announced that their upcoming tribute to the amazing classic Chrono Trigger, awesomely titles Chronotorious is available for pre-order.

Not only that, but if you click on “albums/eps” and then click on the Chronotorious album, then hit tracks, you can preview all the songs from the album! But you can only get five of those tracks on the official pressed album release. Danimal cannon of the Bad Dudes and Armcannon fame personally describes these songs as “bad-fucking-ass” and you don’t argue with a bad dude who’s last name is Cannon.

Also if you pre-order the album now, the album will only cost you $10, this will rise to $12 come August 18th, not to mention that the album also comes with a sweet poster. Oh, and did I mention they are only making 1000 albums! So don’t drag your feet, I already pre-ordered my copy, so realistically there are only 999 left at most!

And finally, for the artistic types in the crowd, Bad Dudes are also holding a music video contest. So for any would be directors out there, you can try your hand at making a video for the Dhsu vs. Mustin – B.A.M.F. (Radio Edit) track. And for anyone else, you can just download the radio edit track and wait in anticipation of this sure to be amazing album!

Mutherpluckin’ B Releases 8-Bit Democracy Capitalist Edition

8-bit Democracy
The Capitalist Edition of Mutherpluckin’ B’s latest VGM funk rock opus, “8-Bit Democracy”, is now available to order.  For just $7 you can get the CDR with color fold-out artwork and two new, exclusive tracks not available on the free Socialist Edition.

If you enjoyed his remixes on R:TS, stop by Mutherpluckin’ B’s site to place your order.   Be sure to check out his other albums as well!

Shael Riley and The Double Ice Backfire – Songs from the Pit

Brand new SUPER HI-FI magical purple cassette EP that made it’s
debut at Nerdapalooza 2009! Limited press of only 100 copies each
individually numbered! Get it fast! Each contains one Outworld soul!


Publishing Rights-
How to Fire a Gun-
Asian Kids Have All the Best Moves-
The Other Side of Memphis-
Chinese Ninja Warrior
tip eht fo mottob-

Shael Riley, Ricky Henry, Ty Guenley w/ Shaffer the Darklord and Jon Titterington

Powerglove to start recording new album soon!


From the Powerglove MySpace blog:

And so it is, that after many months of arranging music and watching
professional Starcraft, we’ve now ended up with about two releases
worth of songs. We would probably hemorrhage with pure glory if we
tried to just record them all at once, so we’re going to split this
batch into two albums.

And so it is, that after many months of arranging music and watching
professional Starcraft, we’ve now ended up with about two releases
worth of songs. We would probably hemorrhage with pure glory if we
tried to just record them all at once, so we’re going to split this
batch into two albums.

first one will be all of the tv, cartoon and movie themes that we grew
up with, smelted into shimmering metal. The Pokemon theme song is on
this one as some of you know, along with This is Halloween from The
Nightmare before Christmas (one of several Danny Elfman songs we’re
doing on this one, a favorite composer for sure), The Flintstones, The
Real Adventures of Johnny Quest (if you haven’t heard that one look it
up, it’s awesome), and a song that for the moment I’m calling In the
Hall of Inspector Gadget. Also, we have this psychotic arrangement of
Under the Sea from The Little Mermaid with 220bpm shredding and steel
drums that will make you pass out from laughing and headbanging at the
same time. In the next few weeks we’ll reveal some more about it as we
get started with the recording. As to the amount of songs, I honestly
don’t know yet how many we want to put on this release. It could be an
EP, it could be an album, only time will tell.

And the second
one is back to video game music! We’ve got most of the core material
done for that one as well, so we’ll have plenty of time to kick it
around and refine it. I’ll save revealing those tracks for later, but I
recently did an arrangement of Snake Man from Mega Man 3 that I can’t
wait to hear live, should it make the cut. I’d love to have the first
one come out later this year, and the second one in 2010, but we’ll see
how that works out with touring etc.

We just got all of our new
gear together and we’ll be setting it up and getting our tones starting
this weekend. Our drum and bass sounds are already way better than
Metal Kombat, and Saturday the never ending quest for the perfect
recorded guitar tone begins anew.

I can’t really generalize on
the sound for this album, but there are definitely more dark moments
than Metal Kombat, and the gleeful moments of cheer are more intense
and ecstatic. It is also heavier and shreddyer, but every band says
that. So don’t take our word for it now, you see when the time comes.

-Chris Marchiel and Powerglove

FF4 Project Listening Party! THIS SATURDAY!

OA posted on OverClocked ReMix:

To help commemorate the release of OCR’s 14th album, Final Fantasy IV: Echoes of Betrayal, Light of Redemption, We are going to be throwing an IRC listening party!

Here’s the INFO!!


Channel #OCRFF4 on

Because album releases are more fun with others commenting on stuff,
and there will be some other fun activities, including trivia for