Audacious (and awesome) Audacity of the Source Forge

Hello ThaSauce! My name is MagiNinjA and I will bring various
articles to ThaSauce. This article talks about Audacity and some of its
key features.

is an awesome open-source sourceforge project wave editor that rivals
all the other exorbitantly priced editors. This particular wave editor
has all the aspects of an expensive wave editor, along with features
not found on most wave editors of my knowledge. It supports VST effects
by putting in the “VST Enabler.dll” within the plugins folder. It’s
interface is very easy to use, and thankfully the options are not too
hard to understand.

It can record the stereo sound (aka all the audio
on your computer ‘now playing’), a microphone, line-in, and just a ton
of things. It can import an assortment of formats, and can export in
wav, ogg, and mp3. Editing is very comfortable, and is not a ‘snap-to’
style thankfully (unlike Roxio, which snaps to every second), but it
can be if you want it to. It has oodles of extras that can be somewhat
useful, like the click track, generate noise, silence selection, etc.
The zoom function is quite useful too. The interface is so easy to use,
even I, someone who complains about FL, can use it with some expertise.
My only gripe (oh perhaps not even worth mentioning) is only the design
and outward look of it, even though that barely bothers me. Overall, it
has my badge of approval ( 😀 ), and is currently my default wave
editor, because simplicity simply cannot get simpler than this splendid
wave editor.



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Extra Links
The Money Grubbing Wave Editors

Updates Part II

In addition to updating PHPNuke and fixing/adding/cleaning up a few
modules, as Fusion mentioned, I’ve finally gotten around to purchasing
Currently I just own the domain, which redirects to here, and anyone
who remembers the host will remember that if
you’re using IE and logging in via the redirect, you’ll get logged out.

Once the majority of the kinks are worked out of the site and I can
afford it, I can just update the domain for hosting, bumping up the
price from $10 a year to $10 a month (more or less), but until then
this works. =P

Updates and Upgrade COMPLETE!

I was able to upgrade the site’s engine, PHPNuke, to version 7.8
successfully, as well as update some misc files WITHOUT breaking
anything. The previous problems with Private Messages and the
semi-nonexistent Forums have disapoofed.

This means:
A. Rama will be happy that his site is FINALLY operational again.
B. I will have the satisfaction of momentary peace from Rama’s insistent nagging.
and C. ThaSauce is still your place of holy worship… err, your place
where you can get the latest on games, music, anime, or any combination
of the three!
Yeah, that’s what I meant. Really.

Over the next couple days, Rama and I plan to implement a serious of
updates to the site, which might even include an option for users to
have their own blog right here on ThaSauce!

(Screw LiveJournal, ThaSauce for teh win!)