As Suzu has already mentioned, we’ve been working pretty hard on moving ThaSauce to a new dedicated server, which will (hopefully) be a lot better for everyone, even IF it’s being a real pain to get up and running. Everything should be worth it in the end =P. Other than the server thing, we’ve also made a few (obvious) changes…
I’ve always known ThaSauce was a tad bit difficult to navigate. Last night a certain friend of mine drilled me about it for a solid hour or so before I actually got up and said “I know exactly what to do.”

First thing you’ll notice is, we removed a ton of extra crap from the Navigation Block. In fact, we rebuilt the entire thing. Everything is now in easy to understand categories, so that we can help avoid confusion. People can easily find the news and calendar submissions, as well as not have to search an alphabetically ordered list for under-appreciated things like the Forums, Tracker, and Wiki (the last two of which are now direct links instead of redirects).

Another complaint I got was that a lot of people didn’t even KNOW we had themes. It’s true, we seriously do. So we’ve moved the “registered user” specific links to their OWN block (only visible when logged in) that includes a link to your Account Home, your Private Messages, and has a drop down menu that allows you to change you theme on ANY PAGE (any page on the main site, anyway). You’ll notice, however, that it still have a few kinks to work out, but it’s all minor stuff. Soon we’ll also be looking into weeding out any bad themes, and fine tuning the GOOD ones. We’d like your feedback on these, as well, so make sure to drop by the forums and leave a note or two – which themes you like, which ones are seriously broken, and so on.

Lastly you’ll notice that…well just about every block we HAD has been moved. This was done to make navigating ThaSauce easier and MAYBE EVEN drop the page load time a bit. You also may notice that the RSSs feeds are gone, this is because we’re making an attempt to better organize them all to save time and space but someone’s feeds are broken, thusly slowing down the entire process.

Anyway, I think that’s it for now. Just some of many steps ThaSauce is making to become less sucky and more awesome. And be sure to give us all kinds of feedback…’cause ya’know…we need it 🙁

Less Than Three, Always,

Torrents and Wiki!

ThaSauce is expanding with a Torrent Tracker and Wiki. Assistance is needed with both, so please register as soon as possible and start helping!
The tracker currently hosts various sets of Dwelling of Duels, as well as batches of 25 OverClocked ReMixes from 1251 through 1425, which is more up to date than any other set of torrents currently out there. If you have something you feel is torrent-worthy, there’s a forum topic where you can get it posted.

We’re looking to expand the wiki to the point where it can be a one-stop database for looking up a remixer or project. Currently, we’re filling in pages for remixers on OCR. As always with a wiki, if you see a red link that’s in your subject area, fill it in!

Projects and Contests Forum Sections Open

As we prepare for ThaSauce 2.0, we’ve added two new sections to the Forums, one for community-related Projects and one for Contests.
The Projects forum is a central place to organise things such as Remixing Projects and other things like game mods. The content isn’t too restricted as long as it’s related to the community in some way and follows some basic guidelines.

Conversely, the Contests forum is a place to have a little fun and be competitive at the same time. Show off your compositional, remixing, graphical, or writing skills in one of the organised ThaSauce contests, one of which should be starting at least weekly. Winners of the contests will be determined by User Voting, and then points will be awarded which will be part of a larger reputation system under ThaSauce 2.0.

To kick it off, SauceTest I has started: Create a progressive RPG boss battle theme. You have until next Friday (September 30th) to submit your entry.

Content Updates; Another Milestone Passed

After some unexpected downtime, ThaSauce is back up. With the posting of the story about TO becoming an OverClocked Remix Judge, ThaSauce has now posted 150 news articles. Thanks to all who made it possible, and remember to keep submitting stories. 
The latest site update brings in two new content articles…
First off, MajiNinjA has done a review of Audacity, the first in a series of hardware/software reviews. New reviews will be added as they become available. Keep in mind that you can always submit articles as well, be it a review, a tutorial, or something else, as well as the news stories that keep the front page running.

Secondly, Rexy has updated the VGMix Spotlight section with a review of some of the content from this week.

Submit your own articles! Simply email them to ThaSauce2005*at*

Forums Active; ThaSauce 2.0 Discussion

In preparations for version 2 of ThaSauce, we’ve activated the forums and set it up for discussion of the new features. You’re automatically registered for the forums if you’re registered for the site. There’s a General area and a section for discussing the redesign. Feel free to suggest a topic for the redesign and comment on existing topics; most comments and feedback will be taken into account with the new site.