PSO: Blue Burst beta announced

From the website:

“The Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst Open Beta is coming soon! In the meantime, head over to the PSO History section and learn about the extensive story involved in the Phantasy Star Online series. Be sure to stop by the Play Guide section and find out what awaits you when you start the adventure or go to the Community Forums
and chat with other PSO players. Once the Beta goes live, check out
this page for information about new quests and special event updates!

The Open Beta starts 5/10/05.”

Needless to say, I am stoked about this news, as I have played PSO on
the gamecube, though have lost interest due to increasing time on the
pc, and the fact that I do not have a hunter’s liscence or GC Modem
adapter. While the beta is only slated to run through the middle of
June, I am sure that it will garner enough attention and play that once
the free play ends, many people will register and pay the dues deserved
to Sonic Team.

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Anime Remix FMA Project Needs Remixers

The Lowdown:
Anime Remix ( ) be havin' a remixin' project, and
the anime is Full Metal Alchemist. FMA has a kinda big soundtrack
(upwards of 60 tracks), although a sizeable number of them are mere
re-arrangements of others. (ex: Commandment vs. Deep Forst vs. Dante)
Additinally, AR has a smaller population than, say, OC ReMix, so we've
decided to remix 15 choice tracks from the project, chosen primarily
for their recognition factor, and organized (very) roughly in order of
For up-to-date news about the project, to participate, or to learn more, go to the thread on the AR forums:

Mixers can do as many songs as they want, if there are free tracks, and
ideally mixers will work with the other mixers whose songs come
immediately before or after them, mixing in elements of each others'
songs, or otherwise making the transition between tracks smooth.
Collaborations are perfectly fine, but there will be no song medleys in
the remix project.

Pick the genre you want to mix, though as of this writing the project
is leaning fairly heavily towards trance. The title of your mix should
contain some sort of “metal” word — it doesn't have to be a
“scientific” metal, just something that an average person would think
of as metal. Here's a list of a few metals, for your convenience:

Aluminum, Bronze, Chrome, Cobalt, Copper, Gold, *Iron, Lead, Nickel, Pewter, Platinum, Silver, Steel, Tin, *Titanium, Zinc.

* denotes a metal that has been taken. There are 15 tracks, so the last
few names might be stretching things a bit. If we have to, we can
re-use metal words, though it'd be cooler if we didn't.

The Tracklist:

These have been chosen for the “recognition factor” — that is, anyone
who's seen the anime should be able to recognize most, if not all of
them. They are now in official order! (Note: All remixes here are works in progress only at this point.)

1. MELISSA (1st OP) – Unclaimed – N/A

2. Equivalent
Exchange – Unclaimed – N/A

3. Title
– Unclaimed – N/A

4. Solitude – Unclaimed – N/A

5. Fate
– Unclaimed – N/A

6. Philosopher's
Stone – mDuo13 – Titanium

7. Fortify
– OverCoat – Iron

8. Recollection – Unclaimed – N/A

9. Greed – Unclaimed – N/A

10. Beaming
Sunlight – Ghetto Lee Lewis – Untitled (temporary link)

11. Homunculus
– DJ Carbunk1e – Untitled

12. Dante
– Unclaimed – N/A

13. Scar – Unclaimed – N/A

14. Parting – Unclaimed – N/A

15. To the Other Side of the Door (2nd ED theme) – Unclaimed (Possibly a multi-collab?) – N/A


So, what next? Well, here's the plan, as I have it now:

1. Remixers who have not yet made a WIP, or have not yet claimed a song, pick one — you can still participate.

2. Remixers who have already made a WIP — you have two choices. One:
you can finish a draft version of your WIP (approximately the length of
your final project, but it need not be perfect, mastered, the right
samples, humanized, what-have-you — this is like the rough draft of a
paper; get down all the ideas you want so you can clean it up later. We
can go over these and decide what needs work and what's fine as soon as
you've got something down. Option Two: Pick another song and make a WIP
of it also. Pick more if you feel really industrious. If we get more
than one WIP for a chosen song, we can take a vote on which one is
better, once drafts are done. Or the remixers can work together in a
collab. We can decide about that if/when it happens.

3. We could use some album art, eventually. This is a little early,
since we haven't even decided on a final title for the project, but if
any you graphic designers around here is feeling industrious but bored,
you can see what you can cook up for a Full Metal AlcheMIX or whatever
we decide on. Transmutation circles, Ed & Al, headphones —
whatever you decide to throw in there is fine; just make something
that'll look cool in a CD case for the project. No deadline on this yet.


Okay, we need people to take this project seriously. So here's what we've got in terms of deadlines:

1. I want 1-minute WIPs of every song in the project by June
I don't care how this has to happen — if one remixer does
ten tracks, so be it. But we need to get something down.

2. I want drafts of at least one song from eachparticipating remixer by August
This way during September and October we can really get into
the finalizing/polishing stage, with the project ending maybe before
Thanksgiving of next year.

These dates are subject to change depending on my personal schedule and
Mythril's — I'll be moving into my dorm on August 21st, so we'll see
how that ends up.

Remember, this project is organized from the anime remix forums, so go there if you're interested:

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Official Blizzard Mp3s From WoW

This official MP3 from Blizzard is titled “Orc”, and is a
selection from the soundtrack to World of Warcraft.
Released Today.

Also there are many other official mp3's to download at

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