First MAGFest 8 Bands Announced!


Good news MAGFans, we’re revealing our first two musical guests that will be playing at MAGFest 8. They’re both veteran bands to us, so they’re well versed in the art of rocking out. May we present you:
Metroid Metal: Originally a solo project by Grant Henry, this excellent metal tribute to Nintendo’s Metroid series became a live band and made its full-on debut at last year’s MAGFest. Currently playing at PAX 2009 in Seattle this weekend, they just released their new album “Varia Suite” and you can both become a Metroid Metal sponsor and get Varia Suite from the Metroid Metal site. They’ll be returning this year to attach to your head and drain all your energy, so get your ice beam ready!
Arm Cannon: An internationally renowned 5 piece band from Buffalo NY, these guys have definitely made their mark remixing video game classics. They skillfully reincarnate classic melodies of yore into a progressive-metal triumph of nostalgia. An Armcannon show will reawaken your inner child with the unmatchable power of rock. They’ve been wowing MAGFest attendees since our 5th year in 2007, and are glad to return this year. They also just released their second CD, so now you can purchase (and enjoy) Armcannon 2: The Return of the Attack of the Legend of Pizzor.

For some fresh new videos of Metroid Metal with terrific remastered audio, and other great videos of bands and happenings from past MAGFests, check out the MAGFest youtube channel by clicking the YouTube link to the left. And remember folks, this is just the beginning! We’ll have plenty more bands and guests to announce in the coming weeks. Make sure to pre-register for MAGFest now and save $5, plus you’ll get admission to our New Years Eve party!

Also, MAGFest will be sponsoring the music at the upcoming GameX Industry Summit in Philadelphia this coming October. GameX is a national game consumer show designed to draw from national, regional and local audiences of game players, film and TV fans, comic book buffs and tech enthusiasts. High-value consumer content is being provided by exhibitors and sponsors, including major media and entertainment companies seeking to build their brands with the core games audience. MAGFest will be in charge of the music, so come see bands including The One-Ups and Arm Cannon.

ALTER EGO – Album by TWEEX on sale for only $5.99!

Alter Ego by tweek
tweek posted on OverClocked ReMix:

From July 31st to August 14th, Alter Ego will be available for purchase for $5.99 through the Tweex Music Store. You will receive nearly an hour of original music by Tweex in a CD Quality WAV format with all Album Artwork!

If you would like to learn more about Alter Ego and listen to samples, then go to the DISCOGRAPHY page.

If you’re ready to purchase, go straight to the TWEEX MUSIC STORE and place your order.

All orders are handled through PayPal, so you are 100% secure in any transaction you make!
If you would like a hard copy of the album, CD Baby still has a few copies in stock and you can purchase the album through them!

This promotion won’t last for long so be sure to act NOW!

Saria’s Song/Lost Woods get a ragtime jazz treatment

I happened to come across this video through the Zelda Universe. This is (what I think) a fantastic version of Lost Woods/Saria’s Song from the Ocarina of Time. For the musically minded the video also contains what bars are being played, which is a nice addition for those concerned. If you have fond memories of OoT please have a look at this, it sounds fantastic and you won’t regret it.

In the last few days the writer of these has done a few versions of the Song of Storms which are very much worth a look as well.

Youtube channel: kentokhromatic

UMD Gamer Symphony Orchestra: FREE Concert May 9th!

FREE concert on the UMD campus Saturday 5/9 by the first and largest college orchestra dedicated to playing video game music!

The University of Maryland Gamer Symphony Orchestra will hold its
Spring 2009 concert on Saturday, May 9th at 3PM in the Dekelboum
Concert Hall at the Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center. Admission is
FREE, and the event is family friendly! Come here our 90-member
orchestra and choir perform selections from games such as Metal Gear
Solid, Katamari Damacy, Kirby, Smash Brothers, Halo, and more!

Our past concerts have been very exciting, but this will be the best
yet in the biggest performing space on campus! Help us fill the 1200
seats in Dekelboum Hall and bring your family and friends! To access
free recordings of our previous concerts, please see our homepage. Please help us spread the word, as success at this concert could have great implications for us down the road.

Who: The University of Maryland Gamer Symphony Orchestra

What: FREE Spring Concert

When: Saturday May 9th, 3PM

Where: Dekelboum Hall, Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center, UMD Campus


Please help spread the word!

The ”official” Debit Card of the Hyrule Royal Famiily!

Black Mage posted on OCReMix:

I decided to try my hand at doing one of those customized debit cards
from my credit union. I uploaded one of my wallpapers and cropped it
and submitted it. I really didn’t hold any hope that they’d print it,
because they’re pretty strict about what you can and cannot have on
your card. Really, this should not have passed, but, for some
reason…it did.

Either the person approving card designs wasn’t paying attention and
didn’t realize what it was, or they knew what it was and agreed with
the awesomeness!

X360: The Perfect Match – Soundtrack by AnotherSoundscape

The Perfect Match – 400MSPoints – with original soundtrack by Another Soundscape!
Soundtrack avaliable for FREE!

Yup, I scored another game soundtrack and I’m quite proud of this one!
The second Community Game I scored (the first being the best-selling Artoon)
is a gameshow/dating simulator called The Perfect Match. If I
understand it correctly (and I’m pretty sure I do) you take the role of
the host of this “game show” and try to find the contestants perfect
match. You can check it out at the page and pretty soon also the developer’s website If you feel like you want to try it out, there is a demo avaliable on Xbox Live Marketplace that you can download both directly from your 360 and via your computer.

I always try my best to release the soundtrack for free and managed to do so with this game too. It can be downloaded for free
as a .zip file with 320kbps MP3s from my webspace (thanks escariot!)
until it’s uploaded at Onion Factory’s official site, I will then
update the url. See it as a gift for the VGM-community!All tracks were made entirely in Reason 4 and set out to portray the
games visual style and gameshow-concept. It’s bouncy, cute and quite
catchy if I may say so myself. If you like it, feel free to share it
with anyone or perhaps (where applicable) make a remix? I’d love to
hear what you come up with!

Raves and reviews: – The Perfect Match, which I thought was a highly polished product that looked and sounded better than some XBLA games

So the bottom line here is: if you’re interested, feel free to download
the soundtrack and give the game a try. It would mean a lot to me and
might turn out to be quite an enjoyable experience for you too ;P

Post MAGFest Depression / New Staff Blog

So MAGfest has come and gone, and we’re all very sad :((( I had a really amazing time this year, and I’m sure everyone else who went will agree. I’m gonna make a PROPER MAGFest reflections post sometime later this week (or early next week, depending on how stuff works out), but for now I just wanted to post about the new and exciting stuff they’re already planning for NEXT YEAR’S MAGFest!

From the MAGFest Staff Blog:

This is the new (as of Jan 2009) Magfest staff blog where we’ll be
posting up news and info, and bouncing ideas off of you guys. I’m Dom,
the new Music Coordinator of Magfest. Expect the same insane music from
years past but more of it and even more badass.

I think I’m
speaking for everyone in saying that Magfest 7 ROCKED and was the best
one so far. We had 3 nights of concerts, jamspace, a chiptunes rave,
tons of impromptu and scheduled bands, insane gaming, insane LAN, and
all around good time. Plus we had excellent game industry presence,
awesome panels. We had 1350+ attendees, almost 30% up from last year.
This year we had the most game music bands ever.

I am starting
up this Magfest staff blog to give everyone on Magfest staff the
opportunity to communicate what our plans and ideas for next year are,
and to let you guys give us feedback and suggestions. Keep in mind, any
of the stuff you see on this blog can change in an instant – Magfest is
incredibly flexible and we’ll change stuff up until the day before if
we feel like it’ll work better.

Here’s a laundry list of our biggest things that we’re looking at for next year:

The biggest changes relate to scheduled events in Jamspace: Next year
Jamspace will return to be ONLY 24/7 unscheduled jamming. There will be
no concerts of any kind in there, just freeform jamming as it was meant
to be. Having scheduled events in there was a hack to get around not
having the support to put them in other rooms and limiting the amount
of jam times. Next year we’re going to have more space for the other

NEW CHIPTUNES RAVE: If you weren’t in Jamspace on Friday
or Saturday night, you missed almost a dozen fantastic chiptunes
artists (including the unbelievable Renard + Virt headline) rock the
hell out of a packed-to-capacity, insane, glowstick-wielding,
breakdancing crowd. It turns out that Magfest DOES like raves
after all. Next year, we’re not only bringing this back, but we’re
moving it into the main concert hall and doing a full-on non-stop
hardcore chiptunes+dj rave – for real. Think same energy as this year
but bigger and more badass. I need you all to pimp this out that next
year’s rave is NOT to be missed.

OPEN MIC CONCERT: One the cool
side-effects of Jamspace was that it gets people together and, once in
a while, spawns bands like Metroid Metal. The Open Mic concert is a
chance for those going the extra step to prepare stuff to be able to
show it off at Magfest. To this effect the Open mic concerts will
probably be moving somewhere that’s not jamspace and getting a bit more
official-ized, maybe even moving to the main concert hall during the
day. They will still be open for any group that wants to sign up. We’re
going to work on some details that also don’t step on bands which need
practice time.

STAFFING: Our staff is brilliant and hardworking,
but we need more! If you’re even remotely interested in helping out,
this is the year we’re going to need you the most because Magfest is
going to explode. Magfest 8 is the year we’ve been waiting for. We’re
looking for talented people to step up and take charge of areas they
are passionate about.

MEDIA OPS: We started up a new department
at Magfest headed by Kroze and Xerol called Media Ops. Media Ops is
currently gathering up over 100 hours of DV video, multitrack audio,
pictures, sites, blogs, and anything for use in future promotion. This
is also and archive for guys like PBC, X-Strike, ScrewAttack, and
anyone else who wants stuff. The idea is that you send us a terabyte
drive, or send e.g. $150 and we’ll buy one for you. We’ll load it up
full of uncompressed DV video clips of interesting things with good
audio, then ship the hard drive back to you for consumption.

that note as well, I’ve started up a Wiki page for any news sites or
threads or videos we find from here on out. Thanks to ANYONE who posted
something about Magfest:

I will also say that our future promotion plans are bigger in scope
than anything we’ve ever done before. I will need everyone’s help on
this getting things posted to sites. Expect really really big things
for next year’s marketing Blitz, which will probably kick in around
August to September.

Magfest is the anti-convention and we
intend to keep it that way – nothing to us is more important than
keeping that grassroots user-driven feel that makes Magfest so unique
amongst all other gaming and music events. HELP US ON OUR ROAD TOWARDS


Free Shit: Whoa It’s Back! edition

A wild Netlabel appears!  It casts music… it’s super effective!

Well, I took a long break from Free Shit because I was kinda burnt out… I didn’t feel like people were reading the column and I was getting tired of the music I was trying to review.  Scott (OverCoat) told me that I didn’t HAVE to review it, so I’m going to go ahead and run with that.

After the jump: Dikital on Eastern Recordings, new Testtube, new FutureKomp, and more!

Please support Platonist’s netlabel “Reunion Studio,” which is currently temp hosted on his personal website.  Platonist sent me a message on the TS forums back in April that I never checked until just now.  So be sure to eat up all his bandwidth to make up for my mistake!
First up is an ecclectic fusion of electronica and rock by Macedonian artist Dikital, released on Eastern Recordings, a netlabel which I only found recently.  EXP11 Search EP.  Highly Recommended.

Since I’ve been away, the wonderful folks at Testtube have continued to release.  I’ll spare you the flood of links and simply link to the latest, Tube’|141 Finareia by Long Desert Cowby.

Futurekomp‘s latest release is by Infernal Ambience, F:K 031 From Forests To The Dying In Us All . .

Muhmood recently released a new EP, the soundtrack to a short animation called Tamara & Demon through “Enoughrecords” a hosted netlabel.  Highly Recommended.

Recently I came upon a delightful New-Wave/Synthpop styled netlabel called Nonstop Nonsense NetLab.  Their latest effort is by Retax Gorgon, nnnl18 AI.

Another new find is a Chinese netlabel called Bypass, which was founded by an audio engineer who enjoys producing a lot of material under different pseudonyms.  Check out their latest offering by Foss with Moss, [bp008] Warmness.

I present Soft Phase, a new Nordic netlabel, and Planet Boelex & Lisa’s Antenna’s sfp01 Little World.  Highly Recommended.

As always, Sociopath-Recordings is constantly releasing mutant IDM and breakcore EPs.  Check out the recent Mithra release rather than the latest for a taste of the more palatable side to the genre, [SRmp3 108] Childhood Remixes.

There have been a LOT more, especially new discoveries, but I’m getting pretty hungry right about now, and I don’t want you to feel too overwhelmed.  Check ya’ll later.

Wardriver Releases war004: ‘Garden Art’ by OverCoat

Wardriver is pleased to announce the release of our fourth official album, Garden Art. OverCoat‘s second Wardriver release is fourteen tracks of lo-fi/ambient weirdness, with obligatory cameos by Skrypnyk and Hollowtone. Though it was originally released by OverCoat back in August 2007, Garden Art now officially has a home on Wardriver, so be sure to give it a listen.