Free Shit: c4, ocbalt, kim-i/o, binster

No big descriptions tonight, had 3 hours of sleep last night and must rest soon

c4_-_nuclear_love_powerhouse-(20k226)-2007. highly caffienated electronic music artist c4 (proc-records)
drives us crazy with his second release, nuclear love powerhouse! it
features two fabulous breakbeat-techno and a very nice ambient track.
you’re on the planet!
[soc note: this is released on the 20kbps Netlabel. It is supposed to sound like that]

Ocbalt – As Is EP
“A debut on Monotonik, then, for Finland-based electronic music artist
Ocbalt, with some delightfully bubble, vocoded tracks from his upcoming
‘Vintage Art’ album.

The full album should be out on a physical label pretty soon, but we,
luckily enough, get a digital EP to precede it, with the brief spoken
word ‘What Is Art?’ seguing swiftly into the surprising bleep-pop of
‘Bribe’, which showcases sweet multi-tracked vocoded singing and
super-catchy synths, all stutter-step.

The other two tracks are dead-on, too, with ‘As Is’ blasting a
little tarantella on drums before spooky synths wander in and looped
spaceman vocals wander across the top somewhere or other. Finally,
‘Okno’ has an odd spoken word loop to start out before some absolutely
delightful idmpop wanders into view, catchy and smart. ‘Ok yes’, Ocbalt
– and thanks for sharing with us.”

“[Kim I/O] –
Record Spins

damnation straight from Japan.”

057 – Binster – Steve’s Lament (Reunion Mix)

EU Mirror (thanks to GaMeBoX)
US Mirror (thanks to SGX)

– style : Electromelodic
– prog : Reason 3
– date : 26 okt 2007

That’s all for this week! Laziest column ever ever ever 😀 but at least there is content!

Free Shit: Shnabubula, Nova Viator, Psylent Buddhi, Beatdrop

Four! Four items of interest this week!
Finally a mention of free music from someone besides me! Another Soundscape writes:
“Sam ‘Shnabubula’ Ascher-Weiss has released many albums of original Here you can find over 7 original albums, some chiptunes and piano
performances. A true goldmine. Sam’s work is highly enjoyable even
though it’s at times very spastic. Creative digital signal processing
should be his second name together with jazz. Go get this now! If you’re stupid and want to try something out before downloading it
all I recommend “She’s a grammar god” and “Community Knowledge”. Great
short albums. in mp3 format over at his webspace”


Nova Viator – Rudi Rudi
many moons went by and all of a sudden an apparition appeared on the
horizon – a reinvented ‘luke the wizard’ no less, this time around
known as Nova Viator. A couple of huge releases suddenly arrived in the
inbox. Rudi Rudi is the more unconventional of the two, with 17(!)
tracks of uniqueness. I would say the best description of this release
is a patchwork of ‘shorts’ – ranging from 40 seconds to 6 minutes long,
all painting one bigger picture. All the tracks have something quite
epic, interesting and unheard before – the truly unique and odd to the
idm inspired masterpieces. this is the sign of a really nice release,
so take a deep breath and listen to the man who calls himself ‘Nova

Psylent Buddhi – Retrocede
Some nice goa/psytrance, with synthwork reminiscient of The Alpha Conspiracy [here] [and here] though by and far more straightforward and danceable, enjoyable for other reasons 🙂

Beatdrop – Burn Out (Neslo Remix)
Beatdrop – Get Down
THIS IS SHITTY MAINSTREAM DANCE MUSIC. Most of you know who Beatdrop is so I’ll spare the introduction and just say that he’s recently released two tracks this past week, both pretty high quality and enjoyable.

Free Shit: 20kbps, Ansi, Mikael Fyrek, William Fields, Platonist, Luke Williams

Okay, I skipped a week. Oops! I can’t remember what I was doing last Sunday night but it was more important than Free Shit. Anyway, there’s lots of stuff to cover, so read on!

20kbps rec.
I can’t remember how I came across this aptly-titled netlabel, but it’s an interesting objective, and I love labels with interesting objectives. Long story short, it’s a netlabel that releases all its music in mp3 format, 20 kbps. Listening to the latest release by Origami Repetika, it’s a nice, chill, but at times weird, acoustic guitar-driven EP. In 20kbps. In my mind, I’m feeling a bit nostalgic for the “good old days” of the internet somehow, back when everyone had lossier-than-fuck RealMedia streams, and GeoCities or Homestead was the only free hosting you got. and there were no websites based on “social networking.” Why in my day, we used newsgroups and bulletin boards and we liked it. Well, we still like it. And I like this. Give it a listen if you have a guilty pleasure in lossy.

Ansiform – Satellite
The new ansiform release is, well, ambient. As usual. Nothing quite as interesting or unique as the last release, Gong Fog, but it’s still new material for those seeking refuge from the loud, beat-driven, overcompressed music world.

Mikael Fyrek – In Riots of Color They Spin
They spinnin’ nigga, they spinnin’! I haven’t heard a new Mikael Fyrek release for a while now, and it’s about time, ’cause his music is something I need more of. This particular release is both lo-fi and high quality at the same time. You’ll be hearing a lot of choir, piano, and bells interspersed with static, slightly dirty synths, and bitcrushed drums. It’s not melodic, more like “chordic” if that’s even a word, but the music focuses more on an instrumental and chordal progression rather than a melody, yet the songs are still just as memorable. At least to me.

William Fields – The Ruby-Leif
I was referenced to Kikapu by vinced, after he rejected Garden Art from Camomille, and was saddened that Kikapu was not actually accepting any demos for now. But I checked out some of the releases on the site and they did kind of remind me of my own music. The newest release by William Fields is driven by light beats and airy synths, with a bit of a random touch.

Dead Eros – Cycle EP
This new monotonik release is actually kind of like… idm pop. Fans of Lackluster or Transient [or me] will no doubt enjoy this a lot. Unlike distance/lackluster though, it’s downtempo but has more energy to it. Cute and fun to listen to. Likes long walks on the beach and candlelight dinners.

Platonist – Yarn of Wool (2oo7 Mix)
It’s that Platonist chip trance again! I’ve never heard the original but this tune has nice heavy beats for those untsfans.

Luke Williams – Per Diem
The concept behind this album is that he spent an hour on one song every day until he had enough. I’m glad someone else shares my enthusiasm for the one hour compo.


ReMix:ThaSauce QC thread UPDATED.

To help with the whole submission e-mail confusion, I’ve updated the QC thread to show what we have recieved.


We apologize for the inconvience, and are doing our best to continue to deliver quality game arrangements to the community and all that crud.


Music4Games Interviews Kenji Yamamoto, MP3 sound team

The Music4games website, which you may remember preformed an early review of Andrew “Zircon” Aversa’s grand project Voices of the Lifestream last month, has recently published an interview with the sound team that worked on Metroid Prime 3: Corruption and Kenji Yamamoto. If you’re not aware who Mr. Yamamoto is, it is recommended that you read the credits of Super Metroid, his first project with Nintendo and his first as the sound designer (the sound programmer and sound effect designer as well as composer).
Of course, the interview covers the basics, such as the transition from the traditional 2d sidescrolling to First Person Shooting and the difficulties of Mr. Yamamoto working out of Kyoto and Retro Studios being in Austin, TX. But there are quite a few sections of the interview that offer some insight into Mr. Yamamoto’s method, at one point he says that he “watched the footage first, and used the inspirations I got by playing the guitar and piano to organize the music.” He also admits that his main compositional style is much more closely related to American rock music, but felt that it would be more immersive to the Metroid franchise by finding inspiration in the game footage.

Full Article:


Seriously people. I have 1 song that needs to be resubmitted because of the server swap, 1 song to be QC’d, and nothing else. I can’t post more songs if I don’t HAVE more songs.

If you submitted a song and I lost it…resubmit it.

If you made a song and didn’t submit it…submit it.

If you’re thinking making a song and maybe submitting it…submit it.

If you already submitted it to OCR…submit it.

If you know a cool song that isn’t on OCR…contact the artist and have them submit it.

Seriously people.

Free Shit: Vostek, Electric Concerto, Grateful Dead spotlight

‘Twas a slow week. I still have a few cool things, though.

Vostek – Clearance Instation
Kahvi really needs to check artists for using so many synth presets [I hear a bunch of them from this netlabel all the time], but it’s still good music regardless. Vostek introduces himself to my music library with 3 tracks of spacey chillout music that puts me at ease.

Electric Concerto – Alone
Score! An Anime Remix! This is a trance remix of “Sadness and Sorrows” from Naruto. Yeah, another one. And we have another mix of the same song to be posted soon. Hooray, anyway.

Grateful Dead Archive is the best site on the internet and this is one reason why. Billions of Grateful dead recordings, in varying quality, and all available to stream online. Sometimes when you just wanna chill, and you’re tired of all the IDM and trance, this is the perfect thing. I’ve known about this for a while, but since there’s not much Free Shit this week I figured I’d feature it this week. This pretty much exemplifies the concept behind my column.

Free Shit: Skipped a Week, but More Good Stuff

The week before last was pretty dry, but [fortunately?] ThaSauce was down, so I had an excuse not to write my column! This past week saw a lot of neat stuff though.
Alexey V – Dreamology
Sweet ambient from Alexey V. Dark and stylish, with a nice deep sound to it. He has 3 other releases on kahvi, and I recommend those as well, particularly Serbia

Bird Lantern – DuD
Loopy, kooky, fun hip hop. Thanks for all that karate, karate kid.

051 – Freeman – Angyalok
EU Mirror (thanks to GaMeBoX)
US Mirror (thanks to SGX)
SERIOUS BUSINESS dance track, reminiscient of Carthage [my Reunion release] but a little different. Everyone’s gotta put ethnic instruments to beats eventually though.

052 – zircon – Warhead (Extended Mix)
EU Mirror (thanks to GaMeBoX)
US Mirror (thanks to SGX)
Two from Reunion Studio in this column, they’re good at keeping with their 1 track a week schedule 🙂 Zircon’s track is considerably lighter than Freeman’s, a bit more playful and fun, and as usual, the kind of mainstream-ish crowdpleasing style you’re used to from Zircon. This song is a remix of one of his tracks off of his album Antigravity, which he is always telling me to buy. If you’d like to support zircon and give him a little pocket change, consider buying this album.

Dan Reynolds – Lifestream
No voices here [pun]. This is Free Shit’s first taiko drum song though.
“I got to do a user demo for a new sample library called Tsaiko Drums
and I wanted to do something that had the feel of a good ol’ fashioned
taiko drum concert as an homage to my favorite taikoist, Joji Hirota
(so it’s definitely ala his style):” – Dan
A short and fun drumming tune you should check out 🙂 I think the sample library sounds pretty damn good, myself.

Transient – Universal Love
“i’m trying to do a project something along the indie-rockish lines yah know w/ guitars and vocals and all that.” -transient
This is different from usual Transient. Not so different though. It just has more guitars and more singing 😀

ogge – kelvin
You will play this with subwoofers.

Joshua Morse – Waveform
It’s what Joshua Morse usually makes, but this time… with FM synths! You should really really really get this if you enjoy music. Me being a Genesis fan anyway makes me fall in love with anything that sounds like this regardless of composition, but Joshua Morse has really got a knack for making a sexy groove. Save this to your computer.

Free Shit: Transient, Subatomic Vision, Me, DistantJ, TiS Artist of the Month
Transient – Melts Away…
Yet another self-released record by Transient, who already has something like 5 billion releases everywhere on the internet. If you already know how transient sounds, and you should, then this is more of the same crazy half-ambient half-glitch and usually pretty chill music. I enjoyed the whole thing, but if you don’t wanna dive right in I recommend “Pocket Universe,” “Stars,” and “Melts Away…,” the pretty ambient/pseudoorchestral track that ends the album much like “rpg” ended Hexual Ceiling I love archive’s streaming flash stuff that they have now. Makes searching for stuff so much more convenient 🙂

Subatomic Vision – Hang on to Your Tele-Vizzion
Reunion’s 50th release, and a cool psytrancey one at that. I’ve run out of new things to say about Reunion tracks so I’ll just say that this is your weekly dosage of UNTS. This is SV’s second release on Reunion.

OverCoat – Evaporative Air Coolers
Ssspoon! I finished this track at around 4 AM one night because I couldn’t sleep, much like how The Sky is Never Dark Anymore EP was made. This will probably be the basis for my ALS4 release, so expect similar things come New Year’s Day. Awesome. In other news, I have uploaded my albums to for streaming, and uploaded 2 older albums of mine to my site, Supercats and Ubo’s Restaurant.

DistantJ – Slayers NEXT – A Reason
DistantJ is pretty much the only guy who makes anime remixes anymore. I tried recently and failed horribly. This one is pretty good. BIG UPS. Check it out if you’ve seen Slayers or like DistantJ or unts.

TiLT – TraxInSpace Artist of the Month
The AotM feature on TraxInSpace is BACK! This time it’s TiLT, someone I chill with in #renoise on EsperNet every now and then. The interview by roncli [who also chills in #renoise] explains everything, so check it out! Contains links to his music and everything else! He’s already got lots of free tracks [15 or so] available on his TiS page, including a Monkey Island remix that you OCR fgts would probably enjoy.

That’s it for this week, unless I forgot something. This is the part where I ask you to mail me free shit. See you next week!