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Nerdy Show’s MegaCon Panel with Brian Clevinger This Sunday

Sci-fi and comic books, oh my! The folks behind Nerdy Show, one of our favorite podcasts for nerd culture & general interweb shenanigans, will be present at this year’s MegaCon in Orlando, FL to raise money for a charity dedicated to Triforce Mike’s memory with a special appearance by Brian Clevinger, creator of popular webcomic 8-Bit Theater and the Eisner-nominated Atomic Robo.

EARTHBOUND PAPAS “Metal Hypnotized” Contest Winners Published

You might remember the EARTHBOUND PAPAS contest we mentioned a few weeks back that invited EBP fans to remix or arrange their hit single “Metal Hypnotized”. As excited as we were to see the winning submissions of the contest, we were elated to find out that one of ThaSauce’s very own featured artists has been chosen to be a guest performer on the next EBP album!

ThaSauce Wrap-Up: This Week in Review (Feb 6 – Feb 12)

At the end of the week, ThaSauce Wrap-Up feature posts bite-sized news recaps just in case you missed any juicy articles. This week includes PAX East’s finalized concert line-up, new songs from piano prodigy Shnabubula & rap wunderkind Random, the Distant Worlds: Music from Final Fantasy tour, Indie Game Music Bundle 2, the launching of our very own ReMix: ThaSauce YouTube segment, our resident reviewer Mirby’s interview with OCRemix overlord djpretzel, and more!

ReMixer Spotlight: djpretzel

To kick off the brand new biweekly ReMixer Spotlight feature on ThaSauce, Mirby takes a look back at one of her most surprising interviews. Read on to find out about the genesis of OverClocked ReMix and just how founder David W. Lloyd, aka djpretzel, got into remixing and creating a cornerstone of the remixing community!

10th Annual Game Audio Network Guild Awards Nominees Announced

On March 8th, the Game Audio Network Guild will celebrate its tenth annual G.A.N.G Awards at Game Developers Conference 2012 to commemorate the highest quality and achievement of those individuals, projects and products offering a significant and positive impact on the art and craft of interactive audio. This year’s nominees are looking pretty good.

In Tha ‘Tube: Liquid Wind, Level 99, Brandon Strader, Shael Riley, Safra, & TH3HT

In Tha ‘Tube focuses on ReMix: ThaSauce’s very own vast database of VGM remixes as a tribute to the appreciation & reinterpretation of video game music. With this feature, we aim to post videos onto YouTube for easier access to ReMix:ThaSauce songs in a convenient preview format. This week, we start you off right with select songs from celebrated VGM artists like Level 99, Liquid Wind, Brandon Strader, Shael Riley, Safra, and TH3HT.

Quick Look: Mega Ran’s Jeremy Lin Rap

Even with Black Materia: Remixes managing to stay on Bandcamp’s top seller list since its January 21st release until recently, Mega Ran still manages to rile folks up with his eclectic rap style and wonderful sense of humor. We’ve really tried straying away from posting any more enthusiastic posts about Mega Ran, but this video is just too good to pass up.

Indie Game Music Bundle 2 Out Now

Has the economy got you down? Game Music Bundle 2 has you covered. With music from indie hits such as Aquaria, Machinarium, Sword and Sworcery, Jamestown, and To The Moon, who says you can’t enjoy one of the finer things in life in a convenient “Pay What You Want” format?


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