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GDC Vault Adds Free GDC 2012 Videos Online

Following this year’s Game Developers Conference, GDC Vault, a service that hosts a variety of audio, video, and PowerPoint presentations of previous Game Developers Conferences, has just added free video content from last March’s show, featuring talks from the legendary Civilization creator Sid Meier, iWin VP Laralyn McWilliams on the importance of metrics, and White House analyst Constance Steinkuehler Squire.

Attend T-MODE, Acquire Skills from Inverse Phase & Dj CUTMAN

T-MODE, also known as Tournament Mode, is a anime and gaming convention in the Washington, DC metro area that celebrates the fusion of anime, gaming, music, cosplay, and all things otaku. Chiptune wunderkind Inverse Phase and video game DJ mastermind Dj CUTMAN are scheduled to appear at T-MODE 2012 this weekend. From learning how to spot fake chiptunes to being educated on the art of laptop DJing, these dudes have you covered.

Pre-order Disasterpeace’s Original Soundtrack FEZ Now

San Francisco composer Disasterpeace, also known as Rich Vreeland, really knows how to spend his time creating something absolutely delightful. Along with the exciting release of the multiple award-winning indie platformer FEZ just this week alone, Disasterpeace’s original soundtrack of the same name is also scheduled to be available this Friday, April 20th.

KNGI Introduces the VGM Radio Calendar

Our friends over at KNGI, a premier online destination for video game music-related radio shows and web content, has just implemented a brand spankin’ new VGM Radio Calendar for all your video game music radio show needs. Huge shout-out to KNGI for making the time to produce such an extensive list for the public.

Sound Bytes: Joshua Morse’s “Subwoofer Lullaby”

Here at ThaSauce, we’ve been fans of creating and destroying decadent pixellated block worlds since 2009. But we’re even bigger fans of the aural pleasures that Joshua Morse tends to induce on us lowly humans who are only capable of discerning what good VGM music is while tirelessly mining for ore and crafting cool new blocks that make our castles that much better.

Quick Look: The Protomen On-Stage @ PAX EAST 2012

Chip Music Chronicle has tickled our senses recently by recording and posting tons of live performances on YouTube for those who missed this year’s PAX EAST. This week’s Quick Look highlights Protomen’s “The Hounds” from Act II, featuring a staggering on-stage presence, allowing for a exhilarating view at each band member while the audience excitedly rages on.

Jeremy Soule and Nobuo Uematsu on Classic FM’s 2012 Hall of Fame

Classic FM and NS&I have partnered together to host Classic FM’s 2012 Hall of Fame, touted as “the ultimate chart in classical works” that ranges from 300 of the best sonatas, symphonies, concertos and choral works of the year by public vote. Marking avid success for the video game vote-campaign,Jeremy Soule and Nobuo Uematsu have respectively reached positions in year’s Hall of Fame, along with notable classical composers such as Beethoven and Schubert.

Joshua Morse’s Waveform 3 To Be Released

On April 24th, Nashville-based composer Joshua Morse will be releasing his third album in what may be considered a series of FM-based music with Waveform 3. For fans, Morse is also offering a special incentive for ‘liking’ his Facebook page. If the page reaches over 700 likes, Morse will be releasing the album for free.

In Tha ‘Tube: Suzumebachi, Darkesword, WillRock, Level 99

In Tha ‘Tube focuses on ReMix: ThaSauce’s very own vast database of VGM remixes as a tribute to the appreciation & reinterpretation of video game music. With this feature, we aim to post videos onto YouTube for easier access to ReMix:ThaSauce songs in a convenient preview format. This week, we serenade you with Suzumebachi, Darkesword, WillRock, and Level 99.

zircon’s Unearthed Now Available on iTunes

Hitting third in Bandcamp’s top sellers recently, Unearthed is definitely a force to be reckoned with. While zircon’s newest album release is available on Bandcamp for digital and physical copies, Unearthed has also been made available on iTunes as well.


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