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Quick Look: Brandon Strader’s “Sage of Confession” Video

So we know that we’ve been sort of MIA the past couple of weeks. And we know how hard it was for you to miss ThaSauce, especially for all that hard work that we do gathering the latest VGM news. …Well, maybe not. In any case, we’re back! To celebrate our return, we’ve decided to show you Brandon Strader’s epic metal remix of TESV: Skyrim‘s “Age of Aggression” in all its fantastic glory, visuals and all.

Benjamin Briggs’ Diddy Kong Racing: Bootleg Circuit Just Released

Benjamin Briggs is at it again! Even as his first-ever sampled game audio album, Briggs’ Diddy Kong Racing: Bootleg Circuit has finally inspired the creative juices in us once more to gush about his latest endeavor with smooth house and disco influences. Mastered by the amazing Dj CUTMAN, you really can’t go wrong with giving this entrancing EP a listen.

Announcing ThaSauce Presented by VGMix; Launches VGMix Archive

[The following is an April Fools’ Joke and is satirical in nature. None of it should be taken seriously EXCEPT the launch of VGMix Archive, which is an actual website that serves it’s advertised purpose.] After an unfortunate turn of events we regret to announce that ThaSauce has ended our relationship with OverClocked ReMix indefinitely, […]

Shnabubula Releases NES Jams, Brains Melt

A lot of people around the community know the name of Shnabubula. His virtuosic piano skills coupled with his talent for chiptunes have been explored in the past, as in his Free Play and Game Genie albums, respectively. Now the two come together in what has been called, “face melting in its finest form,” by Metroid Metal, and other compliments that are probably too vulgar and/or obscene to mention here. Suffice it to say, NES Jams is probably the best album Shnabubula has released so far, and it’ll probably only get better from here.

Quick Look: Rhythm Heaven Fever Event @ iam8bit

Remember the Rhythm Heaven Fever launch event in Los Angeles that we talked about a few weeks back? If you don’t live in Los Angeles, we just wanted to show you a quick clip of the celebration that served an exclusive promotion for the game’s release last week. Be sure to check out this week’s Quick Look for extensive coverage of how Los Angeles nerd enthusiasts like to party!

The VS Tour w/ Mega Ran, Willie Evans Jr, Adam WarRock, & DJ DN³

Mega Ran and his cohorts are hitting the road… and your face! In his most recent musical stint, the Capcom-licensed rapper will be embarking on the VS Tour throughout the United States. With big names like Adam WarRock, Willie Evans Jr., and DJ DN³ on deck, we guarantee that you’ll be shuffling to what could possibly be one of the best live performances of the year. While the tour is scheduled for this coming Spring, Mega Ran has started a funding campaign with the same name to help raise money for support.


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