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Sound Bytes: Indie Mashup EP: Sharing is Caring

Can we just say two words? Mashup. Galore. Indie Mashup EP: Sharing is Caring attempts to take a rather ‘modern’ take on classic indie music from such games as Aquaria, Sword and Sworcery, To the Moon, Jamestown, Shatter, Tower of Heaven, and more. With solid remixes from reputed artists within the community like A_Rival, Module, & Disasterpeace, we’d say that this 11-track EP succeeds at showcasing the vast reach of creativity within the VGM scene.

Retro City Rampage Soundtrack On Sale Now

Coming at you with fast-paced arcade action, Retro City Rampage is an upcoming cross-platform parody of epic proportions that promises to “take modern game mechanics and mash them into an authentic 8-bit experience”. The Retro City Rampage soundtrack that is available now, featuing phenomenal music by what may be one of the best collaborations in the VGM scene right now from Jake “virt” Kaufman, Norrin Radd, and Freaky DNA.

ThaSauce Wrap-Up: This Week in Review (Feb 13 – Feb 19)

At the end of the week, ThaSauce Wrap-Up feature posts bite-sized news recaps just in case you missed any juicy articles. This week includes new releases from beek, Danimal Cannon, TheGuitahHeroe, & halc, the announcement of the EBP “Metal Hypnotized” contest winners, the Nerdy Show MegaCon panel, zircon’s production session, Mirby’s wonderful interview with remixer Rexy, and more!

In Tha ‘Tube: Dragonlord, Mutherpluckin’ B, DragnBreth, Shnabubula, Cyan

In Tha ‘Tube focuses on ReMix: ThaSauce’s very own vast database of VGM remixes as a tribute to the appreciation & reinterpretation of video game music. With this feature, we aim to post videos onto YouTube for easier access to ReMix:ThaSauce songs in a convenient preview format. This week, we serenade you with Dragonlord, Mutherpluckin’ B, DragnBreth, Shnabubula, Cyan.

ReMixer Spotlight: Rexy

Our resident reviewer Mirby gets down in the gritty with the wonderful Rexy in this week’s ReMixer Spotlight. Read on to find out about Rexy’s exciting experiences as a remixer, including her own personal influences and favorite composers!

halc Continues to Defy the Chiptune Genre

Even though he is known to reign within OverClocked ReMix’s judges panel, halc is definitely on a roll. Following his January release of the wonderfully ambient album Zer0-G that could single-handedly define the chiptune genre even further, halc has bestowed upon us yet another EP chock-full of electro-house goodness.

Pro Tip: Get In On zircon’s Production Workshop Tonight

Better known by his exhaustive involvement in the VGM community as zircon, Andrew Aversa has produced music for a variety of video games, television, and interactive media, such as Soul Caliber V, Return All Robots!, Heroes, and MTV’s Making Of series to name a few. With zircon’s substantial experience with video game music and sound, we would like to urge those interested in sound design and production to be present for zircon’s live session on Livestream tonight. Did we mention that it’s free?


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