Rules of Etiquette

Below is a set of rules of etiquette for use when interacting with other users throughout the site. These rules include interaction including, but not limited to: the IRC channel, news comments, remix reviews, & Facebook page. Failure to adhere to any of these rules can result in warning. Repeated offenses will result in having your chat or commenting privileges revoked.

  1. You are not to harass any other user, in any way, at any time. If you are being harassed, you are advise to /ignore that user. If you are repeatedly accused of harassment by multiple users, or warned multiple times by channel mods, you will be banned.  First ban is a day ban, second ban is a week ban, third ban is a permanent ban.
  2. Do note ban evasion: If you are banned and attempt to enter the channel under a different name or IP, you will be listed as having attempted ban evasion and will be permanently banned from the chat without appeal.
  3. Respect personal boundaries. Be mindful of other people’s feelings.  If you actively instigate or goad others for the purposes of amusement and any person is objecting to it, you will be warned and then punished accordingly.  We’re all here to have a good time, and it is the internet, so playful sarcasm is a common occurrence.  There is a difference between playful sarcasm and real irritation, so don’t ignore people if they’re taking offense to your actions.  Don’t be stupid.
  4. Do not join chat for advertisement or self-promotion. Regular chat members and posted mixers who engage in meaningful conversation on a ongoing basis have the right to self-promote within reason.  Aggressively competitive promotion, or only talking when advertising something, will not be tolerated.
  5. Voice/+v. Voices/+vops are only available to posted mixers or select staff members. This is also at our discretion. Do not ask for them.  You will get one if you merit it.
  6. Do not over use caps, colors, or symbols. Unless making a one-time, one-line point that warrants it, don't use excessive caps, font colors, or other symbols that visually eat up a lot of space or impact the legibility of the channel. Clearly, every once in awhile, saying something in all caps is going to happen, but leaving it one for multiple lines starts becoming distracting, unnecessary, and inconsiderate.
  7. Do not flood/spam. Any repeated or excessive posting not required to advance ongoing conversation will result in a kick/ban/whatever. Conversation related entries of high volume that may be considered appropriate will be allowed unless a member of the channel asks the poster to stop because it is disruptive.
  8. Do not user use IRC scripts. If you have a script that spits out what you're listening to, your computer specs, or whatever, make sure it is under control (e.g. doesn't spew out ten songs in three seconds) and cannot be abused by others to spam/flood the channel.
  9. Do not be a bot. If you are a bot you will be banned.
  10. Do not PM users without reason.  This includes the aforementioned aggressive self-promotion, as well as general annoyance or inappropriate communication.  Examples include sending sexually-themed conversation.  Infringing on this rule will result in a warning, followed by the day/week/permanent ban increasing implementation.
  11. Do not act like a douche/child. Is it that hard?
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