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Noise Channel’s Rokko Chan Chiptune Album Listening Party

To promote Nubuwo & King Soukutu’s collaborative efforts to bring about Rokko Chan Soundtracks on July 4th, the Nubuwo staff have also teamed up with Noise Channel to host a listening party for the music of Rokko Chan on May 31st that promises to deliver different interpretations by “a stellar list of your favorite chiptune artists”. Be sure to tune in to this Thursday.

coda’s Solo Debut Album to be Released on May 3rd

Just received word from our friends over at Ubiktune that Ken “coda” Snyder will be releasing his solo debut album tracer, which will consist of four tracks that promise a “half hour of chiptune-infused prog rock madness”. Noise Channel listeners will be the first to hear the album from start to finish and then download it immediately afterwards, so be sure to tune in to the listening party at 10PM Eastern on Arecibo Radio.

Super Mario Bros. Crossover‘s Jay Pavlina Scheduled to Appear on Nitro Game Injection

Covering extensive discussion on the game music scene, Nitro Game Injection began in early 2003 as a live webcast and has expanded into the ultimate VGM discussion podcast that covers original soundtracks, chiptunes, covers, and more. This week’s NGI will blow your socks off: Super Mario Bros. Crossover developer Jay Pavlina will appear as a a special guest this coming Sunday, January 29th.