New stuff from Flik & Bladiator, plus info on ThaSauce updates

Well, as I stated before I’d really like to be able to include updates on what’s going on on other sites such as VGMix.
Seeing as no one had submitted anything just yet, I decided to go over
there and check out some of the newer stuff and see if anything was
worth mentioning. I will be the first to admit that I very rarely
download anything from a game I haven’t played unless I’ve heard
something about it specifically. That being said I tend to have a small
bit of biased on which songs I actually took the time to download and
listen to.
The first song I downloaded was actually the one that made me decide to go over there in the first place. I saw ‘Flik – Rufus’ Welcoming Ceremony’
and decided this would be a perfect oppurtunity to hear some new VGMix
stuff. I’m particularly in love with Final Fantasy VII (RoFL
fanboi!!1~) and even more so with the soundtrack, so this obviously
caught my eye.

In his write up about the song Flik says “So,
I was sitting in my friend Stephen’s dorm – who plays the lead guitar
on this track, and he just started plunking out Rufus’ Welcoming
Ceremony on his acoustic. Within a few minutes, I had some background
for it…and the rest you can listen for yourselves.
. The majority
of the song consists of the said live acoustic guitar, (what I think is
a rather mediocre) violin sample, and some pretty fitting drums. In his
write up about the initial WIP, Kevin Stephens wrote, “Well.
Uhhh… when I started listening to this, I was thinking, ‘There’s no
way in hell this could work.’ Turns out I was wrong, because what you
have is one of the most sickeningly happy songs I’ve heard in a long
time. It’s almost goofy sounding. And I love it.”
In addition, in a
conversation Sleazy C and I had over the song he mentioned that the
guitar recording was incredibly clean, in which I would have to agree.
In the end this song is still pretty close to the original, but it
builds on it very well. I would absolutely recommend it for anyone
who’s a fan of the game.

The next song I decided to listen to was Bladiator’s newest song, which is actually about 2 days old, and currently resides in the Must-Have tier (though it only has 1 review), ‘Moon over Rinoa’, which is an arrangement of ‘Waltz of the Moon’ from Final Fantasy VIII. I was already a fan of his arrangement of Green Greens from Kirby’s Dream Land, and his involvement with VG Frequency as well as a fan of the source tune, so I figured I’d give it a try.

For anyone who isn’t familiar with Bladiator, you should be!
No, just kidding (but not really). Anyway, for those of you aren’t
familiar with Bladiater, all (or at the very least, most) of his
arrangements to date have been piano arrangements, and this song is no
different. In his review of the song, SIr NutS wrote, “Blade as always knows how to deliver, and this is not an exception.” He went on to say, “The
dynamics are very good and Blad manages to keep the song moving in a
variable but cohesive pace, and when it comes to the actual
performance, you can’t expect less from him.”
As a fan of the game and
the music, as previously mentioned, I was about to enjoy this song a
whole lot, but as NutS mentioned, it’s worth a listen for anyone who, especially if you’re a fan of the genre.

Lastly, I like to mention, though not directly related to any actual
songs, that this sort of reviewing, mentioning, and announcing of songs
from various artists, be it from VGMix, KWED, OCR, or original tunes
put out by people in the community, is both welcome and encouraged. As
long as you have a good reason to bring it up and can give us a pretty
good idea why you think it’s worth sharing.

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