New Ellywu2 & GeckoYamori @ VGMix

After hearing Ellywu2’s Cosmo Canyon arrangement, ‘Smoke Signals’, on one of the final episodes of VGFrequency the other evening, I decided I HAD to go over to VGMix and grab it, and see what other songs of E’s I didn’t have. While there I decided to pick up Final Fantasy 7 arrangement by him, as well as an arrangement of the Minoc music from Ultima Online (For the record that UO pre-3D when they changed it to the U9 music).
Anyway, after checking out what was new on the feed’s today, I had
noticed that Elly had released another new arrangement, this one of
Frog’s Theme from Chrono Trigger, entitled: ‘Frog’s Intervention’. Being a newly found fan of him, and being as Frog’s theme has been absolutely excellent through-out history, I had to get this. In his description of the song Elly mentions that this is actually an arrangement for the Chrono Symphonic Project.
He also adds that it was done in the style of “Zimmer and friends.” I’m
not going to claim to have a good enough ear to be able to decypher a
Hans Zimmer-esque song, but I can say that I was absolutely satisfied
with this song both as a symphonic arrangement and as an arrangement of
one of my favorite songs in any game. Definitely worth checking out.

The next song I want to talk about it GeckoYamori’s newest arrangement, ‘Industroscout’, from Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun. Gecko has made quite a few
impressive tracks in the past, so I knew that this one couldn’t
POSSIBLY be disappointing, and I was indeed correct. Gecko, whom has
shown countless times in the past that he is an avid Klepacki fan, had this to say about his mix:

“The idea of the mix was to take the original and make it more
intense and hard-edged, and I think I achieved what I was going for. I
chose the title Industroscout as it sounds a bit similiar to
Industrofunk from Red Alert 2. I tried to keep myself from making it
sound all too buttrock-esque. The original track was pretty much built
on 1 riff, though I made some additions to keep it relatively fresh
sounding. The weird flanged thing in the original was a defining part
so I made a fairly accurate recreation of it. C&C music is very
hard to remix, I’ve tried dozens of times but this is the first time
I’m actually satisfied with what I’ve made.”

C&C music is indeed quite difficult to arrange, I myself have
tried, and I must echo Gecko’s statement in saying that he did do an
excellent job with this one. Absolutely worth listening to.