News – PS3 @ E3: The List of Games

Via GamesAreFun:

During their press conference today, Sony
announced various new titles that will be appearing on the Playstation
3. Though details are a bit sketchy at this time, the ones we know of
for sure right now are…

Devil May Cry 4

Final Fantasy XIII

Gran Turismo 5

Killzone 2

Metal Gear Solid 4

Tekken 6

The Getaway 3

Unreal Tournament 2007


unnamed game similar to God of War

Little info is known about these games, but there will likely be
more to follow in the coming days. At the very least we should have a
trailer or screenshots of most of these games by the end of the week,
so stay tuned!

Update: It appears a new Grand Theft Auto has not been announced, though Rockstar did announce its plans to support the PS3.